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Joanne Wee's Althea Christmas Wish List

Christmas is around the corner!

Thinking what gifts suitable for me?
I am a lady who love Gadgets & Beauty Products :)

I understand gadgets are too expensive, so here are a list of beauty products that I love, and they are not costly because they are from ALTHEA!!!

ALTHEA most of the time provide promotions and discounts!!! We/ YOU can save more money $$$


I love to wear Black Eyeliner, I tried a few brands but they always smudge and won't last long, but with CHICA-Y-CHICOONE KILL EYELINER, just 1 line, 1 touch and No Smudge!


Previously, I don't use Sun Block/ Sun Screen due to I couldn't find a suitable product for my skin, they cause my skin oily and grow pimples :(

After I tried Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway, I fall in love with it. It's ultra lightweight, hydrates my skin, and don't cause sticky. Nowadays, it's…

Kiper | First Experiential Day with Jon Lai & Master Chris Leong

I am glad to be invited to attend the Kiper First Experiential Day with Jon Lai, founder and Master Chris Leong. The event was held at CLM Bone Setting Mid Valley.

Today the main topic is about
KIPER - The 15 minutes Back pain Solution!

Kiper effortlessly correct your posture, it's relieve and fix your backpain, and make every chair ergonomic, what do that mean? Read on!

Nowadays we sitting in the office for too long with the wrong posture will easily cause us tired, back pain, slip disc, shoulder pain, and etc. no matter what's your age.

What's next? We spend money visiting the right Doctor/ Acupuncture to correct our posture. After correcting, we continue with the incorrect posture then repeating the same cycle.

Wrong Posture > Visit Doctor / Acupuncture >*Repeat

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Being lucky to get BEND by Dato/ Master Chris Leong No pain, No gain! #kiper #PainfreeAnytimeAnywhere #15minutestofixbackpain A post shared by Joanne Wee (@joanneweesjourney) o

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ @ IOI City Mall

What's my favourite food?

I love to eat Thai Cuisine, Cha Soba, Tempura, Chicken Chop/ Pork Chop, and nowadays I love Steamboat & BBQ, not only on raining days.

Today it's all about Steamboat & BBQ, I am on diet meal and steamboat it's healthy, if you select the right soup base and ingredients, for example:

Herbal Chicken SoupMiso SoupKim Chi Soup
I recommend these 3 soups as it's not too spicy and sweet. Besides, don't forget to drink more water.

Recently I visited Pak John Steamboat & BBQ at IOI City Mall, which is located facing towards the road, with outdoor and indoor choices. I will surely pick indoor cause of air conditional ... hahaha

I love steamboat, not only they have varieties of foods, such as chicken, beef, lamb, vegetables, seafood! And it's Not Pork-Free (Halal), so Malay friends are welcome to visit :) They even have juices, ice cream and dessert. You may refer their menu and make reservation by click here. They do not have Kim Chi Soup…