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Finally I have time to update and share with you, my experience of visiting Beauty Expo 2018, which is held at KLCC hall 1 - 4, 5 - 8 October 2018! That's huge - There are more than 300 brands and thousand of products! But, it's only open to PUBLIC on 6 & 7 October with admission charge of RM10.00.

We girls/ ladies love to keep ourselves pretty and find out the right products to pamper our precious skin! Aboden ~ You guys will say we don't maintain and turn into faded old women (黃臉婆). As I mentioned, for us to maintain, we need the right products and nowadays there are so many products selling online, no matter it's authentic or fake products.

Coming to Beauty Expo 2018 it's a right choice, where you get to know what is the latest trend, technology, which are the trustworthy products, and where to get the genuine products. For whom are interested to be agent/ dealer, you might found the brand that you like and discuss with the right person in charge, sounds great?

These are the products I got from Beauty Expo 2018!

First booth, I visited Ruby-Cell
They have live demo/ product testing, which it's good you can test for FREE, within 5 minutes, I get to see the result, my left face is lifting! At the same time, you get to know how the product works, effects and also get to know more details from them. What best? Promotion during the event ... Wohooo!

Aphrozone (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in response to the popular demand for revolutionary skincare products from Korea. Ruby-Cell by Aphrozone is an All-in-One total solution preparation to help your dermis to recapture its strength and youth. The ingredients include, among others, growth factors which could rejuvenate, renew & repair your skin resulting in lifting, firming and skin brightening with reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. Our products are manufactured in Korea in accordance with strict guidelines of GMP and has won many awards. CTFA, KFDA and USFDA registered and EWG verified.

I came across a luxury cosmetic booth, WEILAN 微澜
I love their packaging design so much!

WEILAN mobile e-commerce platform was established in 2015, is a mobile internet e-commerce as the core of the new business economy system, dedicated to build a world-class mobile internet e-commerce platform. After two years of development, system training, perfect after-sales and so on in the development of mobile e-commerce boom shows strong strength, become the leader of the mobile e-commerce industry.

Skinphy - Simplify the philosophy of skincare

Such bright energetic yellow make everyone feel so cheerful! I believe you have seen some of their products, such as sheet masks are in retail shops, I am a person who love to use sheet masks. 

Besides, they have so many other products: combs for untangle your hair, comb for shampoo, sunblock - which I known it as personal sunblock, all you need to do is rotate to left and apply on your skin, it's so convenient.

Gilda skincare line was founded by Gilda Liljeblad 1988 in Gothenburg, Sweden with a focus on results and active ingredients. Gilda use high concentrations of powerful ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy in synergistic, innovative delivery systems to effectively treat various skin types and conditions. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and peptides in the correct composition, combination and strength, as well as Vitamin A and antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E work together to provide a healthy skin with visible results. You can expect a younger and more beautiful appearance with improvements of for example acne, wrinkles, large pores and hyper-pigmentation.

They also provide the service on the spot! I don't have time, as there are so many other booths to visit, let's see what's next.

As an affordable and convenient manufacturer of special appliances for the home, KD Medical pursues a leap forward as a mid-sized export company by promoting and selling multinational products. Lady Rhea Aqua Clean provides two skincare functions – Aqua (moisturization/whitening/nutrition) and Clean (Cleaning/peeling/exfoliation).

TOUCHBeauty is one of my favorite brand I found in this Beautyexpo, most of the beauty devices we have seen before on FB or any TV program, most of them are invented and produce by them. I found some other devices which I have never seen before, and from here, I get to buy cheaper price as they provide promotion at this Beautyexpo.

TOUCHBeauty is UK brand established in 1999, it is registered in the UK and other 53 countries and regions. From the first year of establishment, TOUCHBeauty was focusing on beauty and personal care devices. Professional team of product design, structure design, research and development, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and sales.

I bought a Portable Mist Device from them, some people might have think in Malaysia such humid country, why do I need it? We ladies always pun on makeup or work in an air conditional room, our skin will get dehydrated easily. If we use normal mist to spray on our skin, the drops are bigger than using the Portable Mist Device. Portable Mist Device helps to micro the drops and also allow the mist easily absorb into our skin. Now I don't have to worry about dry skin at anytime or anywhere.

B&B Labs supply and distribute professional & retail skincare to beauty salon. They are the leader in using Asian ingredients in Pro-Cosmeceutical. B&B Labs have successfully married Asian ingredients, known for centuries for their curative and trans-formative properties, with our proven methods to activate their cosmeceutical powers.
 More than 50 Asian ingredients in their range targeted at Pre-Mature Aging & Problem skin.

Inspired by our belief in the ingenuity that lies in integration, yet guided by our principles of integrity, B&B Labs rewrites the rules of skincare. Rooted in Asia, with a global perspective, we break through the ordinary to deliver sustainable results with our professional cosmeceuticals through one primary focus: Performance First!

J.Kao Group is founded by 高宇蓁 Jean Kao, she is a Taiwan Celebrity.

J.Kao Group insists to contribute themselves to beauty. In this fast-paced world, J.Kao wants to communicate a different life for women with an elegant attitude. Combined wisdom with beauty. Be elegant and fearless. To be Your own fighter, win the victory with the war named beauty. Your life lies in your own domination. 

Product first launch – J.Kao Ultra Performance Instant Reviving Mask Efficiency: Nourishing only 5 minutes to achieve a long lasting moisturizing. Technical: Fusion of liposomes with the skin barrier bilayers causes a temporarily increased permeability which can be revered by a following application of DMS.

Nowadays, we love to use organic ingredient products, which we believe it's more healthy, calm and safe towards our skin. Organic lovers! This is the brand you have to explore, Organique.

Organique believes that organic skincare ingredients are good for the skin and environment so they strive to develop formulations that combines highly effective synthetic active ingredients along with organic, naturally derived ingredients to provide consumers with effective skin care solutions that does not compromise on efficacy and safety (uncompromised beauty).

Organique preferred, recognized, allowed by Organic Certification (EcoCert, Australian Certified Organic, Cosmosis and ISO 22716 etc.) bodies. Each have been proven safe, non-irritable, no side effects, or cause allergies over the many years and are environmentally responsible. Organique uses its famous 100% natural Olinda Spring water in all products.

Mein Cosmetics are specialized in Korea cosmetics. They are the only official distributor for Age20’s.

The foundation pact that you can see through the eyes. Feel the moist and complete the smooth cover to your skin with the 70% essence.

They have 3 types of foundation compressed powder, which is known as Essence Cover Pact 2018 Edition (SPF 50+, PA+++):
1. Moisture (Pink)
2. Long Stay (White)
3. Intense Cover (Black)

Hairizon is a leading distributor in the hair and beauty industry in Malaysia, with a portfolio of brands including L’Orèal, Schwarzkopf, Matrix, ATS, Artizta, Keyra etc. 

Their products offering technical capabilities, they aspire to uplift out clients by providing them with products innovation, excellent services as well as solutions that cater to their specific needs. We believe in treating our clients as business partners to jointly develop and expand.

Hairizon PROMOTION! Purchase RM500 and above Free 1 trolley
People here don't bring bags for shopping, they bring trolley or luggage bags 



Kala Image Sdn Bhd is a wholesaler company established in 2014 who distribute nail, eyelash, hand and foot care products. They are carrying top international brands like DIAMI, THUYA, TALLY, AAA and etc, and they will never stop to bring in trendy designs, new technologies and great services to Malaysia and Singapore market.

On the other hand, Kala Image Sdn Bhd is famous with their education and reward system which established in 2016. They had successfully delivered out 7 scholarship holders to Korea for advanced nail master training class since then. They are now open enrollment for their nail courses.

Kala Image on the spot, provide a hand spa massage to a friend of mine with Thuya products. She was so relaxed and enjoyed, and the smell is so soft and fresh. After the massage ended, we touched her hand, it's so silky smooth!

This is Guangzhou ShangZhuang Cosmetics Co Ltd
is a collection research and development, design, production and sales in one, professional line to create a brand, high quality.

This is something really amazed me! They are portable, and easy to apply.
Brown is Foundation/ concealer.
White is Highlighter.
Dark brown is for Contouring.

Guangzhou ShangZhuang Cosmetics - the company with every category of colour makeup cosmetics is given priority to product marketing throughout the country, they exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries.

Such beautiful colours of compact powder!

This is Liquid High Light, and I never seen so many colours before.

Guess what is this? It's Eyebrows brush with ink.

You may visit their website
as there are so many other products!

Nail section! I love nail art design, and look at the colours, there are around 1,600 colours!

Who's Re Birth?

Re Birth Nail Factory was founded since in year 2010. Miss OLY is a new professional nail supply for gel nail polish, UV led lamp, products with the recognition of EU CE, German BV, MSDS, SGS certification.

The core concept is product quality and customer service. Their products are exported to several countries like Europe, America, South America, Russia, Japan and South Korea.

What's best?

Re Birth will be the first nail products in OEM/ODM processing service in Malaysia. Re Birth Nail Factory always welcome
 you to cooperate with them.

Now they have 3 outlets in Malaysia:
1. SS2 (Petaling Jaya)
2. Kepong (Kuala Lumpur)

3. Kuchai Lama (Kuala Lumpur)

I met Steve in person! If you do not know who is he, let me explain more about his company.

Domo Hair Replacement Systems is the world's leading brand of non-surgical hair replacements. They are specialize in delivering tailor-made, hairline-revealing and realistic hair replacement systems at affordable prices. The breathable, realistic, fashionable, comfortable abilities of Domo Hair are phenomenal.

Domo Hair has already helped hundreds of thousands clients from baldness to stylish since 2003. Their clients are able to swim, shower, and even while doing exercises with wearing Domo Hair.

Hair Rock Products Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia company, they are professional and leading company in the hair, beauty and wellness industry.

Hair Rock provide a wide range of the latest technology and best quality professional hair, beauty and wellness products, accessories, saloon furniture and equipment. They also cater equipment for personal use. Some of their products are import from overseas, and they always provide the best product to their customers/ clients.

Hair Rock have a group of excellent and friendly sales team providing satisfactory services to their clients. Hair Rock welcomes business partners from Malaysia and countries overseas.

Those in black, are the booths I have visited, there are so many other brands. Besides, for the entire 4 days of Beauty Expo 2018, there are also activities on stage, such as workshop, makeup contest, and International Awards, you may refer to the images below:

"I am so glad to be here Beauty Expo 2018, so many to learn and know about, I will definitely be back for Beauty Expo 2019!

If you missed 
Beauty Expo 2018, stay tune for Beauty Expo 2019!"

"My friends and I are being featured on their video and FB posts. Watch it, if you able to see me or other friends you get to recognize in there, I am so excited!"



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