What is the importance of good personal hygiene?

We use tissue every single day, don't tell me you DO NOT use it 😱

I was surprised with my first trial on Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues, which is really soft and gentle. I love the texture so much because it’s very comfortable. Oh! It’s a 3-ply thick sheet which is made from 100% high quality virgin fiber.

Besides, the CleanWeave design is specially crafted to remove dirt easily while wiping/cleaning, and the charcoal extract is to help absorbs odor! It's suitable for cleaning your household furniture/appliances and office, such as table, chairs, microwave, refrigerator, and it's also safe and gentle to use on our skin, including sensitive skin.

I usually buy tissue rolls for house use, I believe many of you did the same thing because it’s cheaper, and of course we need a better quality for family & personal hygiene.

Personal Hygiene Tips

Where to place them?

1 in the kitchen
I use tissue more often than cloth; I know most households use cloth to wipe their hands in the kitchen after washing or cooking. Do you know bacteria and dirt are easily  stuck on damp cloth? Hmmm….which is not a healthy hygienic practice.

1 on the dining table
We clean our mouth after our meals. Speaking of food
, we clean our hands after we touched crispy chicken, yummy curry chicken, grilled satay, nasi lemak and etc. Sorry if I make you hungry.

1 on my living room table
Sometimes we eat in our living room while watching awesome action/ romance movies or even Korean or Hong Kong dramas, right drama lovers? Sometimes, we also have guests for coffee or beers, they need that very much …… He He He.

1 in the toilet
You know what’s that for, don’t you?

2 in my room (1 on my working desk & 1 on my makeup table)
I use to place tissue box in my room, but nowadays I replace with Kleenex Ultra Bath Tissue, it saves more space.

Place tissues at  places where you always need them; it’s easier for you to reach them, and replenish them after it’s finished. So you won’t make mistakes such as couldn’t find one with your dirty hands 😊 or running up and down to get tissue.

Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue
is my best choice for my whole family!
No matter children or adult 😊
Grab it and try it yourself!

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