Moltres Day | Pokemon Go

08 September 2018 is

Pokemon Go Moltres Day!

Moltres claims the role of the premier Fire-type attacker in Pokemon GO while also placing high on the neutral offensive DPS ranks. It has a very high Atk stat paired with excellent fast and charge move options. Moltres thrives in locales where sunny/clear whether predominates, reliably getting a 20% DPS boost.

Moltres remains at the top of the chart as a Fire attacker, competing only with Entei, who trades a little DPS for more bulk. Moltres’s double resistance to Grass and Bug-type attacks makes it even bulkier than Entei in these matchups. On the other hand, when facing Ice-type enemies with Ice attacks, Moltres’s Flying typing becomes a liability.

Moltres' exclusive move, Sky Attack, makes it a top contender for neutral DPS and DPS against Grass and Bug-type, as explained in our article. 

Sadly, Fire-types currently have limited raid utility, but Moltres may find itself an optimal counter in many Grass or Bug-type raid battles.

How to Counter

All gyms will appear Moltres for 3 hours (from 11am until 2pm) and for your information for those gyms which are closed, that means there are ex-raid coming up.

The CP & IV

I believe at the first raid everyone experienced errors, some trainers:
1. Able to catch after a while.
2. Able to return and catch after few raids.

3. Pass is inside, need to re-raid.
4. Unable to raid, Unable to catch!
(Remember to screenshot & kindly report to Niantic)

Guess what?
Today I went for 9 raids, I caught 5, 1 is not wonder so I transferred and no luck on Shiny Moltres 😞 Lucky that I caught 2 Moltres are 91iv.

Some of the trainers went for 11 raids, and don't get any Shiny Moltres as well.
There trainer around KLCC, 6 raids and so lucky of him, he get 4 Shiny Moltres in within an hour! Arrrggghhhh~~!
As I watched other YouTubers, some of them are in Japan, and one of them went for 20 raids and don't get any Shiny Moltres, and have to trade to own one.

Any trainers have Shiny Moltres to trade?

I offer Shiny Pokemon as below:
1. Minun
2. Plusle
3. Squirtle

4. Larvitar
5. Charmander

Hatch Eggs

Besides, today is the best to hatched eggs, hatched 15 eggs in a day:

  1. 3 Trapinch (2 transferred)
  2. 2 Slakoth (1 transferred)
  3. 1 Chansey
  4. 2 Aloha Geodude (1 from Qatar, Thank you so much! You know who you are)
  5. 1 Swablu (transferred)
  6. 2 Aloha Diglett
  7. 1 Meowth
  8. 1 Sandshrew
  9. 1 Aloha Grimer 82iv (From Bangkok, thank you so much)
  10. 1 Aloha Vulpix 91iv! (Finally 2 Aloha Vulpix as collection!)

Coming up!Another egg hatching, gift from UK! Thank you for all the overseas gifts.

The best for today, I caught an 100iv Murkrow, just notice it during night time after I checked the iv of all my Pokemons.

This round I didn't manage to do any video as my phone it's out of storage, female phone full with photos 😂

Thank you for reading my article! 
Stay tune for more articles.
Coming up next: JW Pokemon Go 100iv Collection