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New Property around Subang & Damansara Area

In this new era, it's not necessary to own a landed house. All we talk about how near, how convenience, the facilities and also security.

At DK Impian, Damansara West they do have 11 type of units' designs and what I like the most is, there are units with FLEXI Dual-Key Concept:

SOHO and 2 & 3 BedroomsPrivacy & ExclusivityEasy ownership package with attractive incentive

For room, I love 2 P: Personal moment & Privacy For house, I love 2 C: Comfortable & Convenience
For the area, I love 2 S: Security & Safe

What's I love about DK Impian?
FLEXI Dual-Key Concept
2 different keys, to enter each room, you will have your own kitchen, private toilet in each room, and own space and work desk for work or study.

DK Impian is a hidden gem in Damansara West
It will be the next talk of the town in Damansara West! Flanked by multitude mode of Public Transportation:

KTM Subang SkyparkMRT Kwasa SentralLRT Ara DamansaraRapid KL Taman Puteri SubangSultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SA…

What is the importance of good personal hygiene?

We use tissue every single day, don't tell me you DO NOT use it 😱
I was surprised with my first trial on Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues, which is really soft and gentle. I love the texture so much because it’s very comfortable. Oh! It’s a 3-ply thick sheet which is made from 100% high quality virgin fiber.

Besides, the CleanWeave design is specially crafted to remove dirt easily while wiping/cleaning, and the charcoal extract is to help absorbs odor! It's suitable for cleaning your household furniture/appliances and office, such as table, chairs, microwave, refrigerator, and it's also safe and gentle to use on our skin, including sensitive skin.

I usually buy tissue rolls for house use, I believe many of you did the same thing because it’s cheaper, and of course we need a better quality for family & personal hygiene.

Personal Hygiene Tips

Moltres Day | Pokemon Go

08 September 2018 isPokemon Go Moltres Day!Moltres claims the role of the premier Fire-type attacker in Pokemon GO while also placing high on the neutral offensive DPS ranks. It has a very high Atk stat paired with excellent fast and charge move options. Moltres thrives in locales where sunny/clear whether predominates, reliably getting a 20% DPS boost.
Moltres remains at the top of the chart as a Fire attacker, competing only with Entei, who trades a little DPS for more bulk. Moltres’s double resistance to Grass and Bug-type attacks makes it even bulkier than Entei in these matchups. On the other hand, when facing Ice-type enemies with Ice attacks, Moltres’s Flying typing becomes a liability.
Moltres' exclusive move, Sky Attack, makes it a top contender for neutral DPS and DPS against Grass and Bug-type, as explained in our article. 
Sadly, Fire-types currently have limited raid utility, but Moltres may find itself an optimal counter in many Grass or Bug-type raid battles.
How to Co…

LEGO Mural Unveiled at Carousell's "SAYANGI MALAYSIAKU"

On 30 August 2018, I was invited to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah's LEGO mural unveiled at Carousell's "SAYANGI MALAYSIAKU" LEGO Art Exhibition in Sunway Pyramid.

As Malaysians, we always remember 31th August because it's Malaysia Independence Day! This year 2018, it's our 61st Independence day, Carousell, Republic of Bricks (ROB) and Sunway Pyramid Mall unveiled an array of unique murals built entirely from LEGO bricks celebrating our country.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah's LEGO mural is the highlight of the exhibition. Begin on 30th August until 02 September 2018 at LG2, Central Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.

18 unique LEGO mosaics will also be on display, featuring interesting Malaysian moments, culture and sceneries, coupled with LEGO-themed activities for visitors by Carousell. LEGO fans can also connect with collectors across Malaysia on Carousell.

"The LEGO builders and fans have long traded and exchanged ideas via…