The Grand Launching of | Have you heard about Blockchain technology?

On 7th July 2018, I attended A Grand Launching of

LEDGIT HQ is located at D6 Office, Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

I believe all of us know what's Mobile App, but have you ever heard of Blockchain Technology? No? What's that? No worry, let me bring you 1 step closer and have a deeper understand on using Blockchain Platform with "Smart Contracts" to provide Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform to create better solutions for businesses and consumers while acknowledging the importance of traditional cultures.

Oh! I am so Glad that I have the chance to meet Mr. Ivan Ku, CEO of He is young, talented and can tell he is a very filial piety person.

What's Legacy Heritage and Provenance Blockchain?

Legacy Heritage
LEDGIT constitutes a more transparent provenance of knowledge and insights regarding the origins of their lineage and heritage to be recorded and passed on throughout generations after generations by integrating the blockchain technology and a 'Smart Application Platform' (SAP).

"Basically, how do Legacy Heritage works, there are people like us who love to preserve our family tress; we want to trace who are our ancestors and their legacy, now you can by download and install the LEDGIT app, It's a FREE Mobile App.

You are allow to download it on Android and it's coming soon on IOS. Sign Up, and verify yourself, and you are allow to records your family trees in the system. In future, your children or grandchildren login and verified themselves, they are allow to view messages from you or even videos.

Wow! It's really an amazing app, download and start your's now!" said Joanne Wee

Provenance Blockchain
LEDGIT allows manufactures, supplies, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and consumers to make their products and its provenance more transparent, traceable and trusted with the integration between the blockchain technology "Smart Contract"and a 'Smart Application Platform' (SAP).

"For Provenance Blockchain, they have collaborated with a few merchants/brands, for new merchants/brand may please contact and email below. After all the verification, they will allow you to upload your products in the system with LEDGIT QR codes, and for users like us, we are able to search, verify and trace where to product's origin and manufactured from; from this APP, we will are able to avoid ourselves from the fake and dangerous products." said Joanne Wee

I find it's really good if we can practice to check before purchase items from online or any outlet,  why not start with download the APP now, for android user - LEDGIT Android.