Pokemon Go : Squirtle Community Day at eCurve / The Curve / IKEA Damansara / IPC

Hello Pokemon Go Trainers!

Today It's 8th July 2018 - Squirtle Community Day!

Kevin & I decided to go IKEA Damansara/ The Curve/ eCurve/ IPC for the community event.

First is because he need to alter his jeans at i-alter, but clumsy him 😭 forgotten to bring the jeans, when he found out, it was too late, we was at the highway on our way to IPC, no where for him to make a u-turn. The second reason is the spawn rate over there is so high!

When we arrive there, it's 10:45am, and we haven't take our breakfast, we were so hungry. We walked around The Street and found out most of the restaurants open at 11:30am 😭OMG! Kevin is sick of fast food and he is super hungry, and he desperately need rice 😂 that's why we end up at Dragon-i. Dragon-i is a Chinese Restaurant and very famous with their Xiao Long Bao.

It's 11am, 1st Squirtle appeared, and we still waiting our brunch to be served. We observe the spawn rate it's kind of slow at the beginning. We finished our meals around 11:35am, quickly walked towards a PokeStop and there spawn around 4 Squirtles! After we walked into The Curve, there are more; around 8 of them at the same area!

Kevin: So many of them, but none is shiny.
Joanne: Most have faith, sure have.
Kevin: I checked mine, don't have.
Joanne: Have faith. (Next one will be shiny)
Kevin: Always don't have.
Joanne: (Last one among them, click it.) It's Shiny! See, I told you, most have faith. Hehehe
Kevin: Which one? What's the CP?
Joanne: Erm ... CP453 but it's not likely. Nvm, it's shiny 

"I am glad that, in the end I caught total of 7 shinies; one of them is shiny with the sun glass, I name it as "The Blind 86" cause it's IV86 😂 and I caught one,IV90, IV91, IV92, IV96 Squirtles with Sun Glass.

Besides this, I Level-up during the catch to Level 37!"
said Joanne Wee

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"I found walking with partner compare you walk in a group, it's less stress/panic cause less comparison 😂 Walking with partner, you are able to take times to clear your Pokemon Storage, check your Pokemons IVs, also evolved them to Blastoise with the unique skill move: Hydro Cannon, walk in slow pace, and able to go for shopping!

There was a Panasonic Roadshow by Harvey Norman, and today is the last day, still manage to get myself a 2 ways straightener at RM159 (np:RM206), I will make a YouTube review on the straightener soon."

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