Chapter 14: First VIsit to Melawati Mall | Daily Fresh & Pappa Roti

Few times passed by Daily Fresh at different places/ malls, I always grab their corn in a cup, you can also buy corn, and steam at home, all you need 30 minutes only. Besides, during hot weather, you can just drop by to buy ice cream, drinks and etc.

Pappa Roti is a manufacturer of bakery products. They also committed that they provide high quality and safe products, conform to the requirements of our customers, interested parties, and authorities.

I love the bun, the crispy outer layer of the bun, and the crunchy layer top, derived from a creamy concoction that has been carefully created with only the finest flour. Hmmmmm ~ Delicious!

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  1. It seems like you had a lovely meal! Followed you on Facebook and on Google+ :)

    Hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish

    1. Thank you Airish for your comment,
      I have followed you as well :)


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