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Branding? Branding? Branding?

No matter where we go, working in a company or running your own business, everyone will talk about branding. Let me ask you, do you know what is branding/ personal branding?

"Everyone is a brand, whether you like it or not. If you do not brand yourself, others will do it for you."

by Andrew Chow

Branding has been existence since the early ages whereby humans used artifacts and relics to differentiate their cultures and eras.

Slowly, countries began branding themselves by conquering others and to rule over their nation. through influence, they created regional organizations such as NATO and the Commonwealth.

Currently the Asian market as the consumer demands are growing rapidly. Malaysia is one of the fastest growing countries and becoming the 2nd fastest growing economy in ASEAN in 2018.

With our current Information Age companies and brands are branding themselves as the preferred Employer and Employee Engagement.

We have branding for the individuals; everyone is unique, that's Personal Branding. Someone who possessed great values in making their world a better place to live in. Yet, they are not been given the recognition they deserved. These individuals come from a wide industry, who could be a business owner to a great leader among their peers.

We work day and night, and do you know what happening in Malaysia?
There are numerous awards in the market highlighting the best products, services, brands, individuals and companies.

Business awards are getting popular within the business circle. The awards played an important role for businesses, as it is to honour distinguished individuals, companies and brands for their talents and performances; like how we used to get certificates or medals in Secondary school, it present your talents and performances.

Awards help to enhance a brand, individual and company's credibility. However, most business awards in the market currently are targeting at corporation and organization level.

This is how Best Personal Branding Star Award begin, started in Singapore 2017, is to acknowledge these amazing individuals which has impact or left a strong influence on their personal achievements, but NOT their corporate accolades.

Best Personal Branding Star Award honours individuals who illustrate positive impact within their industries. This award recognises their achievements as an individual, personal assets, strengths, skills, and positioning. Many brands are built and managed by their founders and leaders who posses great personal branding. Best Personal Branding Star Award focuses on these leaders, not their brand or company.

How to join? There are 8 criteria to join:

1. Profile
At least one of the social media meet these requirement:
A. Linkedin
- Social Selling Index of 50 and above
- More than 500 Connection
B. Facebook
- More than 1000 fans on page
C. Instagram
- More than 500 followers
D. Twitter
- More than 1000 followers

2. Tribe- Building
Do you have your own network?
- A regular business or social networking group?
- An office bearer to an association (NPOs) not more than 3 years ago?
- A founding member of an online movement?
- Posses you own online or traditional media?
If one of this is a yes, it's count.

3. Media Coverage/ Media Exposure
- Have you every been interviewed or cover by media? Via radio stations/ TV stations/ Press from local or regional countries at least 3 times or more?

4. Intellectual Property
- Solely written and published a book (ebook will not be considered) and distributed in any local or regional book store.
- Create ab App available for download either on Playstore or IOS.
- Possess a patent filed/ trademark within the local country?

5. Overseas Presence
- Appointed at least 3 distributors overseas for products and services.
- Conduct overseas training or talks in at least 3 - 5 foreign countries.
- Your online products gave been sold to at least 5 different countries.

6. Active in Charity
- Serves as a member of the board for a charity organisation for at least a year.
- Serves as a regular volunteer in a Voluntary Welfare Organistation (VWO) or Charity.
- Well documented Fund-Raising activities for charity.

7. Existing Award Winners
- Winner of corporate award presented by organisations who are still active currently.
- Winner of professional award presented by their own business associations.
- Winner of personal brand award or individual honor bestowed by the local government.

8. Nomination from previous winners
- Look for the previous winners to nominate you.

You may download Star Phone (APP) and deal *29273 (*AWARD) from the phone. It will bring you to a page of business information, and you are allow to view the nominated Best Personal Branding Star Award 2018 participants; Star Phone is a platform to  reach all required contact point.

You can also get the book written by Andrew Chow, you can get them at MPH & POPULAR Bookstore. I felt blessed and glad that I have this opportunity to meet him in person and get his autograph.

"Don't forget: Everyone is a brand." by Joanne Wee


  1. According to that 8 pointers..i really have a lot to work on...but good reminder nevertheless..shall work achieve success and be recognised for it...


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