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It's been a long time I didn't update about Pokemon on my Blog and YouTube Channel.
I been busy with office works, and setting up my own company JW Solutions. Hurray!

Let's refresh our memories for
Charmander Community Day

السلام عليكم (as-salāmu 3aleikum) - lit. Peace be upon you

I was in Sunway Pyramid with my friend Anfield.Yee, she is a comic blogger. I am in Mystic team, but today I joined her PJ Valor Team.

The spawn rate at Sunway Pyramid it's 70%, and the best area it's the linkage from Sunway Pyramid Hotel East to Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, but of course, it's depends on your luck as well.

Before the event start (11am - 2pm), we were gathered at Burger King for our breakfast. 11am sharp, we can to see Charmander appearing, and of course, there are some laggy.

Anfield.Yee: Oh yea! I got my 1st shiny!
Joanne: What? So fast?
Anfield.Yee: I caught another shiny.
Joanne: So fast?!
Anfield.Yee: My Go-tcha caught it for me.
Joanne: What The Hxll?
Anfield.Yee: I caught another shiny, it's also caught by Go-tcha ... hehehe
Joanne: Again? Why?! Where is my shiny?!!!
Anfield.Yee: Guess what? I caught another 1.
Joanne: You better don't say anything from now on, I don't want to friend you. (Like a kid)
Anfield.Yee: Don't be like that la!


That's how it begin, and guess what? Anfield.Yee cause 5 Shinies at the beginning of the event, and I only caught 1 for the first hour.

2 hours later!

Joanne: Where is my SHINY?!!!
Anfield.Yee: I caught 6th!
Joanne: Niantic, please be good to me la, I need at least 3 will do.

Last 30 minutes!

Finally I caught 4 Charmander, managed to evolve 1 Shiny, and guess what? The best I caught is IV92 Charmander, lucky me. Anfield.Yee caught 7 in total. One of the member, name Xhan, he overslept and he join the event for only half and hour, and he manage to caught 2 shinnies, how lucky he is. Besides, there are another 2 guys from the team, 1 of them caught 8, and the other caught 9. Make me so JELLYyyyy~!

(Group photos coming soon ......)

We had lots of fun, and thanks to Anfield.Yee for the beautiful and memorable postcard.
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اتمنى ان اراك فيما بعد (atamana an arak fema ba3d) - See you again