Chapter 2: First Visit to Melawati Mall | US Polo Assn & Wah Chan

After I done with my brunch at San Francisco Coffee, I was attracted by the poster.


Which it's placed outside the store of U.S. Polo Assn.. We, female always can't escape from promotions! I love the clothes design of U.S. Polo Assn., the way they match the 3 simple colours, they look classy, clean, sporty and smart at the same time.

I wanted to buy for Kevin; for guy, they are able to wear to work on Friday, but he is not here with me, and unable to test the shirt. Sadly I left the shop with empty hands; without buying anything.

It's worth it though, Buy 2 Free 2!

Definitely, I will visit again.


Right after I walked out of U.S. Polo Assn., my eyes shines like a diamond!
I see WAH CHAN in the opposite!

They are having discounts on GOLD 916/999
Discount of RM8 - RM25/gm
Dai Ke Be Si Lo ~
(In Hokkien mean's super worth it)

Diamond is woman's best friend! I love diamond, I somehow believe in the Birth Stone Calander, I am born in the month of April, which is Diamond month.

For female, what's your birth month?
For male, do you know your love's birth month?

Share it at the comment box below.

Once you know what's your love's birth month, you know what to buy for her, as birthday present, wedding rings, gifts or event as collection.

Watch the video, I am falling in love with all the jewelries. I can feel I am getting broke now 😆


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