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Chapter 2: First Visit to Melawati Mall | US Polo Assn & Wah Chan

After I done with my brunch at San Francisco Coffee, I was attracted by the poster.

I am fully charged after my lunch at @sfcoffee It's time to SHOP! @uspoloassnmys BUY 2 FREE 2!!! Only at @melawatimall . . . @joanneweesjourney @joanneweesjourney @madmavericks @ketchup_my #MelawatiMall #HeartOfMelawati #jwcommunity #madmavericks #maverickmedia #ketchupmy #ketchupcommunity #mocomy #rayashopping #exclusivedeals #retailpassport #uspoloassnmys #sfcoffee A post shared by Joanne Wee (@joanneweesjourney) on Jun 24, 2018 at 6:42pm PDT
Which it's placed outside the store of U.S. Polo Assn.. We, female always can't escape from promotions! I love the clothes design of U.S. Polo Assn., the way they match the 3 simple colours, they look classy, clean, sporty and smart at the same time.

I wanted to buy for Kevin; for guy, they are able to wear to work on Friday, but he is not here with me, and unable to test the shirt. Sadly I left the shop with empty hands; without bu…

Chapter 1: First Visit to Melawati Mall | San Francisco Coffee

There are so many malls nowadays in Kuala Lumpur itself. Recently I come across this mall, name Melawati Mall.

Melawati Mall Opening was launched on June 2017, and this is my first time visiting Melawati Mall. I didn't even know there is such a beautiful mall build-ed in Taman Melawati, Setapak. It's 620,000 sq. ft. of retail space, 8 levels of shopping, 740,000 catchment within 15 minutes drive time, connected to 5 major highways, and 57% above the average KL household income within 5km radius.

I am far away from the 5km radius, as I am staying in Subang Jaya, travel to Melawati Mall may takes me around 45 minutes or more, depends of the traffic. As I know every malls start operating at 10am, so I come as early as I can, to get the perfect parking space (Some of you may think I am KIA SU), you are wrong! As I know I definitely will shop a lot, and have to carry so many things. Hahahaha! Besides, the max parking for 1 day is RM7. Dai lo ~ (In Cantonese mean's Worth it)

For mo…

Charmander Community Day | Shiny Charmander | Sunway Pyramid

Welcome back to Joanne Wee's Journey!

It's been a long time I didn't update about Pokemon on my Blog and YouTube Channel.
I been busy with office works, and setting up my own company JW Solutions. Hurray!

Let's refresh our memories for
Charmander Community Day

السلام عليكم (as-salāmu 3aleikum) - lit. Peace be upon you

I was in Sunway Pyramid with my friend Anfield.Yee, she is a comic blogger. I am in Mystic team, but today I joined her PJ Valor Team.

The spawn rate at Sunway Pyramid it's 70%, and the best area it's the linkage from Sunway Pyramid Hotel East to Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, but of course, it's depends on your luck as well.

Before the event start (11am - 2pm), we were gathered at Burger King for our breakfast. 11am sharp, we can to see Charmander appearing, and of course, there are some laggy.

Anfield.Yee: Oh yea! I got my 1st shiny!
Joanne: What? So fast?
Anfield.Yee: I caught another shiny.
Joanne: So fast?!
Anfield.Yee: My Go-tcha caught it for me.

Lovely Bouquet of Flowers that You'll Surely Enjoy

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IKEA Damansara JUNE Promotions | by Joanne Wee

Hello there! Welcome back to Joanne Wee's Journey!

It's June!
It's a happy month to all Malaysian, it's a new start to all of us.
Say Bye-Bye to 6% GST, Hello 0% GST and everywhere with Promotions! Huray!

Today I went to do some shopping at IKEA Damansara. After payed our bill at the counter, the cashier told us, that we are able to collect Raya Packet as Redemption, only for IKEA FAMILY members, and share with us brochure, there are a few promotions on going and coming soon!

I was wondering:"Why don't you provide the brochure at the entrances of shopping? I already paid, then only get the brochure. Somehow, it's good for me, without knowing I won't spend more. Hahahaha!"

For who needs to shop at IKEA and need to items from this promotions?
Save the dates!

RAYA PROMOTION for IKEA FAMILY members *Only at IKEA DAMANSARA Date: 31st May - 3rd June 2018

RAYA PROMOTION for IKEA FAMILY members *Only at IKEA DAMANSARA Date:7th - 10th June 2018

IKEA Special Buffet Date: …