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Papero at Sri Petaling

Hello~ Welcome to Joanne Wee's Journey!

Once a while I will just get off my routine and went for a food hunt.
So I was at an event last week, and I meet up with Yan, he had invited me to
visit Papero. Well, I won't say no to a food trip, and here am I, sharing my views on this unique restaurant in town.

Papero is a Middle Eastern Cuisine Store and established since 2013. Peparo gonna attracts your attention at the first time. The foods are nice, the queue was long, and TV3 Cari-Cari Makan was here in 2015.

Papero is located at the G level of Endah Promenade, one of the condominiums in Sri Petaling. Unlike other shops that are selling common Malaysian food, Papero offers varieties of pizzas, sandwiches and Sharwana that is special and you can almost be amazed with their servings.

I met the lady boss, Sara and Mr. Ahmad, owner of the shop, happily shared with us about his secret of success – the food must be freshly prepared at all times. He will only start the food making when custom…