Revolution of Vegetarian in the Fine-Dining Segmentation at Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Hello! Welcome back :) Do you take vegetarian foods? Nowadays we can get vegetarian foods easily from vegetarian shops but not all of them are healthy, agree?

Guess what? The Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant at Berjaya Times Square Hotel is introducing a greener pasture to our fine dining dishes with their Gastronomic Green Delight, starting April 2018. With the increasing awareness of maintaining a beautiful appearance and healthy lifestyle; even many famous people around the world fancied vegetarian food. Most of us practice taking Vegetarian foods, not only in Malaysia. Are you with me?

Most of the vegetarians take good care of their diet to ensure that their meals include the vital vitamins such as sinc, iron, protein and calcium. One of the benefits of being vegetarian is that the chances of staying young and healthy are higher; as vegetarians are cautions of their no-meat meal proportions and intakes. Besides, being a vegetarian reduces the risk of cataract development, heart diseases and is said to have much lesser cholesterol level. Don't believe it? Try it! As Vegetarians are less likely to over eat, they also have a lesser risk of having stroke and obesity.

Let's look into the menu, what do we have? Oh ~ They will serve us 9 courses of Fine-Dining Vegetarian.

1st course | We start with appetizer: Terrine of Roasted Pepper, they are beans and peas jelly

2nd course | Warm Appetizer: Seared-Haloumi and Breaded Camembert (Pickles and Sesame Dressing)

3rd course | Soup: Wild Forest Mushroom (Truffle Froth) 

4th course | Palate Cleanser: Mango Sorbet 

5th course | Entree: Chilled Soft Tofu (Shaved Fennel and Yellow Pepper Coulis)

6th course | Entree: Maple Glaze Pumpkin (King Mushroom and Spinach) 

7th course | Entree: Steamed Dumpling (Stuffed Sweet Turnip and Beans)

8th course | Main Course: Yam Rice (Soy Sauce and Lotus Root) 

9th course | Dessert: Chocolate Mud Cake (Butterscotch and Raspberry)

For beverages: They serve Coffee and Tea

"As I am not a dessert person, I don't really like sweet things. For me, I preferred to share the cake with someone else, I can't finish them all.

Besides, 9 course look small at every portion? Don't look down on them, in the end I actually feel very full and can't finish some of them."

RM168 per person

For further enquiries or reservations, kindly contact BTHKL dining concierge at 60(3)21178000 (ext 8131) or email



  1. The space is spectacular and this venue is just what we needed for our event. It is the best place to have an event and we had an awesome experience here. The staff at rental spaces for parties is excellent; they are so attentive to all of your needs.

    1. Yes, it is. Enjoy meals with such beautiful view, no matter day or night, it's truly Amazing. No matter what, you have to at least visit once to experience it.


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