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Hello Pokemon Go Trainers!

I know some of you might struggle with where to check what pokemons around your area. What app are others using to check, are they accurate. Don't worry! You may use Wecatch


The pokemons' CP display according to level 30 and above, normal weather.

Step 1:
Please visit: https://www.wecatch.net/

This is the view from desktop, it is able to use on web & mobile, no matter IOS or Android.

Step 2:
This is what you get to see, not clear? Refer to step 3.

Step 3:
Click on the highlighted icon, it's on your left bottom on your screen.

After clicking, you will see a column pop-up on the screen.

Step 4:
Place this link into the column: https://s3.amazonaws.com/pkmnimg/ and click OK.

Step 5:
All you need to do it's refresh the page, and Walah~!

When you mouse over on the Pokemon that you are interested.
You are able to see their:-

Roll 1 - Pokedex Number, Name, disappear time (how many minutes left)

Roll 2 - What's the current weather in Pokemon Go
Roll 3 - The coordinate of the Pokemon

*If you are using mobile version, when you click on the chart and Google Map navigate botton on the right bottom of the screen, Google Map will direct you to the Pokemon.

Some other Pokemon will appear as chart below, mean's it caught by someone else, and you are above to see more information of the Pokemon:-
Roll 1 - Pokedex Number, Name, disappear time (how many minutes left)
Roll 2 - IV%, Level, CP 
Roll 3 - What's the current weather in Pokemon Go
Roll 4 - Atk/ Def/ Stm
Roll 5 - Skills

Roll 6 - Weight and height
Roll 7 - The coordinate of the Pokemon

IV - 80-100% is Wonder/ Amaze/ Fight among the best of them
Level - Level of the Pokemon, not trainer
CP - CP of the Pokemon


As mentioned above: The Pokemons display according to level 30 and above, and normal weather.

Other then this, you are able to visit Setting on your left bottom of the screen.
(2 icons Below of Image icon)

You may set, what gym you want to show or hide and follow by the Pokemon Generation, which to show and to hide.

Kindly leave comments at below, if you are unable to use it in your area.

Thank you and enjoy catching! Gambateh!

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