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Hello Pokemon Go Trainers!

I know some of you might struggle with where to check what pokemons around your area. What app are others using to check, are they accurate. Don't worry! You may use Wecatch

 Attention ⚠The pokemons' CP display according to level 30 and above, normal weather.

Step 1:
Please visit:

This is the view from desktop, it is able to use on web & mobile, no matter IOS or Android.

Step 2:
This is what you get to see, not clear? Refer to step 3.

Step 3:
Click on the highlighted icon, it's on your left bottom on your screen.

After clicking, you will see a column pop-up on the screen.

Step 4:
Place this link into the column: and click OK.

Step 5:
All you need to do it's refresh the page, and Walah~!

When you mouse over on the Pokemon that you are interested.
You are able to see their:-

Roll 1 - Pokedex Number, Name, disappear time (how many minutes left)
Roll 2 - What's the current weather…