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Blog #20180121-04

Mon Chaang! Mon Chaang!
Mmmmooooonnn Chaaaannnngggg is in Malaysia!
Calling Thai Tea lover!

Mon Chaang Thai Tea by Chapayom

Currently, they have 2 outlets in Malaysia, one located at Menara Citibank, and the other one at Sunway Pyramid (LG2 - In front of Aeon).

I personally love everything about Thai, Thailand it's my second home country. I was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, east cost Malaysia, distance from my hometown to Golok, Thailand, it's about 40 minutes away by car. Of course not because I staying nearby, my great grand mother is a Tai Siam/ Siamese. That's why most of the people who met me, they told me: "That's why you don't look like Chinese".

Thai Tea lover! You definitely must try Mon Chaang!

Mon Chaang own more than 1,500 stall in Thailand, if you often travel to Thailand, I believe you have seen this Thai Tea by Chapayom. Mon Chaang serve more than ten different types of drink, with the affordable price range from RM4.90 Hot, RM5.90 Cold, and RM6.90 Blended.

From left to right: Thai Cocoa (Chocolate), Thai Milk Coffee, Thai Milk Red Tea, Thai Milk Rose Tea, and Thai Milk Green Tea.

While ordering, I stand at the counter, I can smell the tea fragrance, it's smell so good, I personally love the Thai Milk Red Tea.

Conversation between the staff and me

What do Mon Chaang stand for? As far as I know Chaang stand for elephant, what about Mon?

Mon stand for mountain, and elephant (Chaang) is their guardian. When it match together, it mean's a huge support/ protection from the guardian.

*I am wondering, betul-kah? (Is it true?)

What make them special?
The drink is brewed from Green Tea , Rose Tea, and Red Tea, and it's imported original from Thailand.

Visit now!
They are giving each and everyone a voucher, with purchase of 10 drinks and get 1 for Free, the main point is no expired date on the vooucher.

If you are interested on Franchising Enquiries, it's available!

Kindly email at for more information.

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