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In this article, I am going to share about what I love.

Joanne Wee Top 8 Love

1. Art Craft
- Any creative handmade items, I am in love with their creativity

2. Soap Bar
- Natural ingredients
- I personally a person who use soap bar
(Once you use it, you won't stop or change to liquid form)

3. Beauty Products/ Cosmetics
- I love to look pretty (Any girls dislike to look pretty? Impossible!)
- Natural ingredients beauty products
- What suits my skin:
Water base products only, combination skin products, hydration skin products

4. Starbucks Tumbler
- Country Name on top
- This is one of my collection
*Not only Starbucks, I love Starbucks's design, they are beautiful and creative
*If you see any beautiful tumbler, I love them too

*I am not a coffee person 😊

5. Coke Bottles
- This is one of my collection too
*I don't really drink coke/ pepsi 😊

6. Dye/ Colour Hair
- When I first dye my hair, it was brown, it make me looks fairer!
- After that I tried on Blue then Purple, and I am so into it
- Until today, I think I tried most of the colours, but never try orange

7. Gadgets
- I have a nickname in office: Gadget/ cable girl
- I own so many cables
- Love to explore on new gadgets: Phones, Drones, Digital Watch, Computers/ Laptops, and etc.

8. Learn & Share
- I love to learn cause I always get curious with what I don't know
- After I learn, I love to share
- This is why I write blog and create video on YouTube to share

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As you can see from the top, let's connect, share and inspire, I am also a pack rat, mean's I love to collect many stuff; a collector 😊 Hahahaha~ I would love to collect what you love too, please do drop what is your TOP 8 love at comment box below.

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