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Trollbeads | Every Story has a Bead | by Joanne Wee

Blog #2080130-05
Hello Everyone! Welcome back :)

Guys! If you said you love her, how much do you know about her? Do you understand the  meaning of bracelet that she's wearing? Each bracelet have the memories of life. Let me share with you my story, why do I love to wear bracelet.
Since young, mom always told me, female have to wear some jewelry to decorate ourselves, as my family are doing business, we do need to look presentable, and some parent believe the bracelet brings wealth, peaceful, relationships, and etc.

At first, I find it troublesome, and very irritating, it because that's not the bracelet you like, but after I grow up. I found the bracelet that symbolize me, I start wearing it, I love to wear bracelet more than other accessories.

I personally find bangle and watch looks bulky on my hands, and don't really love to wear necklace, but I never say NO to ring, and bracelet, and they suits my hands more than other jewelry. Each of my bracelet have their own story and it…

Mon Chaang Thai Tea by Chapayom | by Joanne Wee

Blog #20180121-04

Mon Chaang! Mon Chaang!
Mmmmooooonnn Chaaaannnngggg is in Malaysia!
Calling Thai Tea lover!

Mon Chaang Thai Tea by Chapayom
Currently, they have 2 outlets in Malaysia, one located at Menara Citibank, and the other one at Sunway Pyramid (LG2 - In front of Aeon).

I personally love everything about Thai, Thailand it's my second home country. I was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, east cost Malaysia, distance from my hometown to Golok, Thailand, it's about 40 minutes away by car. Of course not because I staying nearby, my great grand mother is a Tai Siam/ Siamese. That's why most of the people who met me, they told me: "That's why you don't look like Chinese".

Thai Tea lover! You definitely must try Mon Chaang!
Mon Chaang own more than 1,500 stall in Thailand, if you often travel to Thailand, I believe you have seen this Thai Tea by Chapayom. Mon Chaang serve more than ten different types of drink, with the affordable price range from RM4.90 Hot, RM5.9…

HE finished the entire bow! | TYL Original Asam Laksa | by Joanne Wee

Blog #20180121-03

TYL Original Laksa is located at Seri Kembangan 3 Elements Service Department Shop Lot, it's new in town! So I decided to invite my friends - Sin Yee, Eddy, and Kevin along to TYL Original Laksa:
"Let's try their foods!" 🤩 (Excited!!!)

When we arrived, there are Weekend Promotion 😊 and we get to meet Natasha, she is the lady owner, very friendly and "Cincai" in Hokkien mean's easy going 😊 so we had a chit-chat with her, she shared with us: "TYL Original Laksa is open early of October 2017, with simple interior decoration and in an air conditioner environment, it's a convenient stop for people working around the area and residents who stay at the service department." Besides that, she brought the original Asam Laksa recipe all the way from Teluk Intan! 😲 Let's stop talking and start to eat!

First food on the table, is the dessert, it's displayed on every table. Kuih Muih from famous out source on Instagram. Next, w…

01: Get to know what Joanne Wee Top 8 Love | by Joanne Wee

Blog #20180114-02

Hello to all my friends!

No matter readers/ followers/ whoever you are, we are able to know each other more. Don't forget to drop me an email at to say Hi!

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In this article, I am going to share about what I love.

Joanne Wee Top 8 Love

1. Art Craft
- Any creative handmade items, I am in love with their creativity

2. Soap Bar
- Natural ingredients
- I personally a person who use soap bar
(Once you use it, you won't stop or change to liquid form)

3. Beauty Products/ Cosmetics
- I love to look pretty (Any girls dislike to look pretty? Impossible!)
- Natural ingredients beauty products- What suits my skin:
Water base products only, combination skin products, hydration skin products

4. Starbucks Tumbler
- Country Name …