[Product Review] DR LAURANNE | by Joanne Wee

I received one product of Dr.Lauranne from the official launching in Malaysia. Dr.Lauranne is a brand established since 1971 (46 years). For more information, you may refer HERE

For now, they introduce 3 products:
1. Just Perfect Blemish Day Serum Purifying (30ml)
2. Helixir Lip (30ml)
3. Quantum Toti-Potent Serum (30ml)
For more information on the product, you may visit www.drlauranne.eu

How long the serum able to be last for?
One time use per day - Can last for 2 months
Two times use per day - Can last for 1 month

The one I receive is Just Perfect Blemish Day Serum Purifying. It's suitable for all skin and use during morning only.

What I love about their product bottle,
they have the little cover, to avoid leaking and dust entering.

 The serum is of gel type, and I accidentally press it out too much

All you need is just little amount of what I circle, that's good enough 

Gentle massage on your skin and it turns watery,

"I will personally try the product and review my experience and the result of the product."
by Joanne Wee



  1. 产品好用26年前都有用他好多产品治疗非常棒的 italy品牌。


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