Pokemon Go : Misdreavus | Player Freak Like ME? | by Joanne Wee

Hello Pokemon Players! Today I would like to share a good news before I get into the main crazy story 😄

What happened today?
I went for 2 raids around my house area, both raids were raiding for Suicune, and I got both, CP 1566 & 1568 - not high, just for my collection but I am happy enough to catch both on the same day again! YES! Again! 2 weeks ago, I experience caught 2 Suicune in a day as well, that was my first time, was surprised and excited. I feel lucky as I raid for 11 times and now I owned 6 of them.
[End of good news]

Now Main Story
I don't know why I am so in love with Misdreavus Trozeiani200.png She looks beautiful to me (I love most of the ghost type Pokemon character) and I don't own 1, so ~ I am so desperate to own 1. My boyfriend so happen to view the map and saw Misdreavus appear somewhere seems not far from my house, I was so excited and ask where is it. This is how our conversation begins:
BF: Hey! Your favorite Misdreavus appeared.
ME: Where?
BF: Not sure.
ME: Still have how long time? (Before it disappear)
BF: It's here. (Show the map)

ME: Erm ... Check how long it takes for me to drive over
BF: (After searching) 9 minutes ... but it's in a building, are you sure you want to go?

ME: Erm ... Never try, never know, I go to check it out!
BF: Seriously? You are going?
ME: YES! (Moved like a wind)
BF: Please drive safe!

Thanks to Google Navigation, brought me to the location, and It's a big warehouse. I was like Oh Gosh!  My Misdreavus it's inside there and I CAN'T enter it. It's located on a busy road, and I got nowhere to stop. I drove slowly and found a role of shop-lots behind the warehouse, I parked there and saw Misdreavus silhouette was at the sighting, but she doesn't appear! 😂

Guess what?
This is not the end! I start to think (imagine):
Crazy me: Can I go to the guard house and ask them to let me in?
Better me: Just to get in for Misdreavus? Seriously? Who the hell you are?
Crazy me: Look at the bright side. If they really allow me to enter. Now left 8 minutes, I think it will take me 3 minutes negotiate with the guards, by the time left 5 minutes. From the gate to the corner?
Better me: As I mentioned, the warehouse is really big, 5 minutes to run from the gate, I don't think I can make it!
Crazy me: I saw there are people still working, maybe I can get them to drive me over with their forklift?
Better me: Ok! Stop dreaming, forget about it! Go home.

When I was driving home, I think of an idea:
A marketing proposal to the company (It's just my crazy proposal)
Dear xxx,

Please allow Pokemon Players to visit your warehouse to catch Pokemon with an entrance fee at the same time, you can make a tour for people to visit your warehouse. (Get a guard or someone to follow us, if you worry we are the bad guy.)

Thank you.



[LOL! Story of the day end here]

The question as the topic: Any Pokemon Go players FREAK like me?
Share with me, maybe we are in the same gang/ category.


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