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POKEMON GO Server Down: Server Status News as login issues hit fans WORLDWIDE

WHAT? Can't login?
Screen blackout?
Not your issue

POKEMON GO Server Down: Server Status News as login issues hit fans WORLDWIDE

Pokemon GO DOWN: Server Status News as login issues hit fans WORLDWIDE
On 26 September 2017:

Pokemon Go appears to be offline, as fans struggle to connect to the popular Niantic smartphone app on both iPhone and Android phones this morning.

Not good news for anyone attempting to make the most of the Pokemon GO Equinox event that is currently underway in the game.

Pokemon GO trainers from around the world have complained this morning of being unable to connect to the game across various social media sites.

There have been countless offline reports on Down Detector, which measures outage stats for popular apps, websites and online services.

It also appears as though the problems are for the game in general and not just the Pokemon Trainer Club, which tends to experience issues with login's more often than not.

Fans are unable to load the app and are bein…

Pokemon Go : Misdreavus | Player Freak Like ME? | by Joanne Wee

Hello Pokemon Players! Today I would like to share a good news before I get into the main crazy story 😄

What happened today?
I went for 2 raids around my house area, both raids were raiding for Suicune, and I got both, CP 1566 & 1568 - not high, just for my collection but I am happy enough to catch both on the same day again! YES! Again! 2 weeks ago, I experience caught 2 Suicune in a day as well, that was my first time, was surprised and excited. I feel lucky as I raid for 11 times and now I owned 6 of them.
[End of good news]

Now Main Story
I don't know why I am so in love with Misdreavus She looks beautiful to me (I love most of the ghost type Pokemon character) and I don't own 1, so ~ I am so desperate to own 1. My boyfriend so happen to view the map and saw Misdreavus appear somewhere seems not far from my house, I was so excited and ask where is it. This is how our conversation begins:
BF: Hey! Your favorite Misdreavus appeared.
ME: Where?
BF: Not sure.
ME: Still have how lo…

IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash Review | by Joanne Wee


Do you know why do we need to use mouthwash?
Research shows, 75% of bacteria still remain between teeth and gums after brushing. Usually, after meals, oral bacteria and food will attach themselves to this protein membrane. Combined with a body temperature of 37°C. It’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria! Plaques form easily in this condition without proper cleansing.
According to Dr. Stan Waller from a private dental practice in New York, the best oral hygiene is achieved via a clean tongue. Under the microscope, our tongue is like a carpet with thousands of fibers – they form a “net” that constantly capture bacteria and food without us knowing it. Hence, a good quality oral hygiene solution is necessary to ensure total oral cleanliness.

To prevent oral and gum diseases, always rinse with IBKEEO Premium Oral Hygiene Mouthwash after meals for healthier and greater oral hygiene.


A Magical Journey for children at ChildAid Asia 2017 | by Joanne Wee

Monthly no money to sponsor a child or do charity? It's okay. I know all of us have the same issues, which wanted to do charity but with the current economy, money is everything; no money, no talk, right? what if this is a minimum RM50 a year, will you consider it? Read on.

Today I want to share about a fundraising, what's fundraising? 😜 Fundraising is the seeking of financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprises; seeking to generate financial support for a charity, cause, or another enterprise.
Source Fundraising

ChildAid Asia KL strives to touch the lives of underprivileged children with the gift of music. This concert that features more than 100 young participants, 70% children are local, 30% from other countries such as Singapore, Philippine, Japan, and etc. They held in the name of helping to provide talented but underprivileged children with an education in the performing arts.

This year (2017) themed is A Magical Journey, and supported by the Kiwanis Club of …
About ChildAid Asia Kuala LumpurIt all began in 2005 when a small group of people from Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan met for a good cause; they were keen to assist children from underprivileged backgrounds to get an opportunity for exposure to the arts. The idea was to assist needy youth by providing them relevant training and education in the field.

A movement name ChildAid Asia was born, starting in Singapore in 2005 where the first fundraising concert was held. ChildAid Singapore has since grown to become major event supported by a number of huge corporate sponsors.

In Tokyo, the first fundraising ChildAid Asia concert was held in 2011, and like Singapore has grown in terms of recognition and support enjoyed.

Malaysia was the third country to start in 2013, with the first ChildAid Asia fundraising concert organised by The Smile Team, a non-profit volunteer organisation, together with Dato' Faridah Merican and Joe Hasham of The Actors Studio.