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Hurray! Welcome back! In this blog, I shared on the 5 lovely shades of lipsticks by G9Skin.

Let me share with you some personal experience of mine with lipsticks.

"I don't use to wear lipsticks due to I used to have bad experiences on lipsticks. I believe everyone at first do not know what lipstick brand to go for. I bought 1 lipstick years back, and it cause my lips dry, itchiness, cracking, and peeling.

Nowadays, I tried lipsticks whichever are natural ingredients or recommended by friends around me or from sponsors (cause I don't need to spend and I get to try)."
by Joanne Wee

(That's my hand 😂 Beautiful colours!!!)

Once I tried on G9Skin Lipstick, I fall in love with them. They moisturized my lips, and I look totally difference in 5 shades. Besides that, G9Skin lipstick it's really different, it has 2 key moisturizing ingredients:

1. Shea Butter
Soothe and moisturize chapped lips and dry skin

2. Tocopheryl Acetate
Synthetic Vitamin E that moisturizes lips

I know some you are thinking why women wear lipsticks? Why do we need to buy so many of them? Why do we need to spend extra money? Look at the images below, do I look more attractive?

Why Do Women Wear Lipstick?

Simply because lipstick can add-on some confidence and is already a fashion states to women. It's also identify a women's personality depends on what colour she use or choose.

Most of the women love to use lipstick almost daily. Lipsticks makes them look better, sexier and more feminine. Lipstick add a sparkler charm on your face and yes, it make you looks more prettier, and lipstick is something that always in fashion.

History of Lipstick (
source: Julie Hewett)
The first reported use of lipstick goes way back to 3500 B.C. when the queen of ancient Sumeria used white lead and crushed red rocks to color her lips. Men and women of Egypt used lipstick as a status symbol. Women in ancient Greece often wore red lipstick. The use of lipstick was even criticized by the Church in the middle ages, but trendsetters like Queen Elizabeth wore a mixture of cochineal, egg whites, gum Arabic and milk. Some people in past times believed lipstick had magical properties and could also prevent illness or death.

As the centuries went on, the use of lipstick became more common as women strove to look their best. Lipstick became a symbol of female emancipation in the early 1900s, bolstered by the endorsement of the suffragettes. The swivel tube, used today by the majority of lipstick brands, was invented in 1923 by James Bruce Mason, Jr.

Colors and lipstick materials continued to change as make-up became more common for women. By the 1970s, bright colored lipstick was a symbol of sexual and social rebellion. In the 1980s red was the “it” color. Super stars like Madonna were known for wearing red lipstick, and the public followed suit. In the 1990s, natural colors and ingredients became common. By the start of the 2000s, lipstick represented over $9.4 billion in sales for the cosmetic industry.


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