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Hi, to all of you 😊 How was your day? Please do say:"Hi" by drop me an email. Anyway, welcome back to Joanne Wee's Journey :) In this blog, I share about Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party by Watsons Malaysia at Foret Blanc Patisserie, and it's my first time here at Foret Blanc Patisserie, the place is simple and clean, a perfect place for girls bonding area + desserts lovers!

 What's Pika Pika? 
What do you think Pika Pika mean?
Pikachu? hahaha ... Nope!

Today, we learn a Japanese word 😊  Pika Pika in Japanese means glitter, sparkling, or shine . This word can also be used to indicate that an item is brand new or in excellent condition. Pika Pika it's a new skin care from Japan that will give you bright and sparkling skin.

We, butterflies are invited here to have a No Mirror Makeup Challenge!!! I makeup almost every day, but without a mirror, how?! I admit that I am kind of naughty so cheat on that day, I apply makeup on that day (We were asked not to wear makeup on that day) >.< and I helped Betty to apply eyeliner, this is not the worst! Some other butterflies use hidden mirrors, and also there is huge mirror on the wall ... Shhhhhhhh....Don't say I tell you ya.

What amaze me is the Sparkling Bright Fruity Deep Cleansing (190ml)
It contents natural fruits extracts (lemon and apple extracts)AHA, BHA. it helps dissolve dead skin and clogged pores. It's suitable for all women who use cosmetic products, it's easy removes makeup in the shower due to it content mineral, and it helps to whiten your skin too.

How to use:Dab some water on your face and apply Sparking Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid on your face without needed to remove makeup before cleansing.

Followed by, Sparkling Bright Fruity Peel Off Mask (80g), it helps purify dead skin and absorbs excess oil! It contains ARBUTIN to helps inhibit dark spots and freckle and prevent skin aging and also revive dull skin shortly. 

No photo of me applying on this cause I didn't use on that day, due to I having acne skin issues. My beautician advises me it's best not to use peel off mask for this period of time.

Last but not least, Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel (35g), It's the smallest in size. The thermal effect helps to enlarge pores for removing blackheads and dirt! Menthol helps to soothe your skin and shrink pores, it helps purify dead skin and absorbs excess oil. Special about Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel, it's double function: Cleansing + Repairing!

How to use:
Gently apply all over your face, and wait. At first, you will feel warm, and after that, you will feel mint. After a while, you may rise with water. After rinse off with water, you are done :)

Look at the In Progress and After pictures. My skin really brighten up, and I love the smell, you can smell it something similar with Green Apple.

They also prepare quiz session, all of us were so exciting. We butterflies really enjoyed the time, we took lots of photos, check it out:

Foret Blanc Patisserie

At Foret Blanc, they are really passionate about enjoying the good dessert. They enjoy different types of food but nothing beats having a bite of a good dessert that simply captivates you with its flavour that creates an orchestra of taste and texture. They believe great desserts would simply make people happy. 

Their journey to discover great pastries in our homeland, Malaysia, has to lead us to realise that our country still lacks fine pastries especially cakes. They are mostly supplied with layers of sponge cake with cream of different flavours. The variety of flavours are limited and there are still many great flavours yet to be discovered.

Hence, they have created entremets to share great cakes with our people. Entremet is a classic French creation that has a distinguish taste and flavour from the usual cake. The distinction comes from its rich flavours and texture, often with a hint of crunch that gives the different texture to the cake. They give tremendous attention and details to each entremets to ensure that they provide you only the best. 

In order to achieve that, they are very selective in the choice of ingredients used and only the finest quality ingredients are used for our recipes. They use couverture chocolates instead of compound chocolates. They use real vanilla beans, not vanilla essence. They do not use any additives and preservatives in their creations. Their entremets is freshly made upon order.

They want to create awareness on eating good desserts in Malaysia. They also believe that a cake should not only be enjoyed for the birthday or special occasion but rather as a treat during tea break or a grand finale to a meal. 

In their busy hustling city where everyone is constantly faced with stress, they hope to create a smile on your face when you take a quiet moment when enjoying their creations that make you simply go, "Ahhh...Delicious!!"

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