Althea Trouble Breaker Box

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I used to be the one with the smoothest skin among the family members, but not in 2017. This year, I am facing acne issues, pimples breaking out all over my face, it's a nightmare and it's really terrified me.

I advise not to apply makeup, it's best for my skin to have a rest and to recover, but time to time I need to attend events, I need to look good as a beauty blogger. On weekend, my boyfriend, Kevin will ask me out for lunch or dinner, instead of going out, I asked him to take away (TAPAO), I don't even feel like going out, do you have that feeling before?

Althea Trouble Breaker Box

came into my life, it does help my pimples to be lesser.


After I cleanse my face with Healing Tea Garden - Tea Tree Cleansing Water

"It cleanses well without irritation and has completed the skin irritation test, proved okay for the sensitive skin. It's containing the Australian tea tree component, it helps remove the excessive sebum in the pores."


I apply A.C Control Care SkinToner

"I love the texture, and it's sooth my skin.
Improve tired skin, helps skin to maintain clean and fresh condition with no-sticky.
Tea tree leaf extract protects skin from the external stimulus, and makes feeling cozy and comfortable."


Then follow by apply Innisfree Bija Trouble Lotion

"Gently massage it all over your face. It helps to clear and treat troubled skin with its outstanding protection power of Jeju bija seed oil and natural originated salicylic acid."
  • Oil-Free Moisturizer
  • Oustanding Calming Effect
  • Free From
  • Incredible Healing Effect

Use Icy White Cooling Massager

"Freeze Icy White Cooling Cartridge over 1 hour, then insert the cartridge into the cover, and massage on your needs. It's eco-friendly, helps tightens the pores to increase skin resistance and maintains elasticity."


Apply Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot

"It's for emergency SOS for blemish/ irritated skin. Don't touch, just tap with cotton buds! After I applied, the next day my pimples all dried up, it's really effective!"

Sixth - Last but not least

Stick Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch

"No more squeezing the troubles, just paste it on. Transparent spot patch that quickly sooth's the small troubling parts."

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  1. I'm glad that this box is also helping you dear...let's celebrate soon ya...


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