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ALTHEA TURN 2!!!JULY is a very SPECIAL month! It's not only ALTHEA's Birthday
It's also my mummy's Birthday
Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Do you know July is also known as Month Of Ruby?

Joanne Wee: "I received Limited Edition Althea Birthday Box design that looks like a cake! Watch it NOW! Don't Miss It before it's too late!!!"

What so special? Why should you buy? I spent a total of RM150, and
receive a Limited Edition Althea Birthday Box design that looks like a cake! Receive Birthday Kits*, Birthday sample pack*, Birthday Sales, and Promotions for customers! *Birthday Kits and Birthday Sample pack are for lucky early bird shoppers.

Look at how many sample packs I received???!!!

Pika Pika : Sparkling Bright Tea Party | Watsons Malaysia | by Joanne Wee

Hi, to all of you 😊 How was your day? Please do say:"Hi" by drop me an email. Anyway, welcome back to Joanne Wee's Journey :) In this blog, I share about Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party by Watsons Malaysia at Foret Blanc Patisserie, and it's my first time here at Foret Blanc Patisserie, the place is simple and clean, a perfect place for girls bonding area + desserts lovers!

 What's Pika Pika? 
What do you think Pika Pika mean?
Pikachu? hahaha ... Nope!

Today, we learn a Japanese word 😊 Pika Pika in Japanese means glitter, sparkling, or shine . This word can also be used to indicate that an item is brand new or in excellent condition. Pika Pika it's a new skin care from Japan that will give you bright and sparkling skin.

We, butterflies are invited here to have a No Mirror Makeup Challenge!!! I makeup almost every day, but without a mirror, how?! I admit that I am kind of naughty so cheat on that day, I apply makeup on that day (We were asked not to wear mak…

G9xBerrisom | G9Skin White In Whipping Cream | Joanne Wee

Wohoooo! I received this G9Skin White In Whipping Cream, It's also known as Real Milk In Whipping Cream. I love the packaging design, looks like milk packaging, I think it's adorable. Today I am going to be reviewing G9Skin White In Whipping Cream. Let me introduce you more about the brand, Berrisom is the brand that became famous for their peel off lip tints, and G9 is a separate branch of skincare that is part of Berrisom. The G stands for Guard, Good, and Guide. The first G mean's to guard against 9 skin stressors  like pollution, drinking and smoking, climate changes, and etc. The second G stands for good ingredients like different plant extracts they are using in their products. The last G to guide your skin into a better condition by helping with hydration, pore control, elasticity, and etc. The cream is formulated with 9 whitening and nourishing ingredients like niacinamide (whitening), milk protein extract, glutathione (ingredient used in whitening injections), vitam…

Hydra Beauty Facial Experience at Beau Clinique | Joanne Wee

Well, this blog is about my acne issue again, in case you didn't read my previous post.
I am suffering from the acne issues early this year.
It's a nightmare! From the silkiest skin among the house to the ugliest 1!
Everyone has been asking me, what's wrong with my skin and I really couldn't answer them. It makes me feel so depressed somehow, I don't feel like going out meeting people.
Do you experience this before?

Bad Skin = Bad Mood Bad Mood = Bad Temper Bad Temper = Bad Attitude Bad Attitude = Bad Relationship Bad Relationship = Bad Things Gonna Happen Bad Things Gonna Happen = Bad Day (Please imagine, how BAD things gonna be.)
Personally, I prefer not to go for laser treatment, peeling treatment, and injection/ filler injection. On June, Beau Clinique had contacted me and provide me with 3 sessions of Hydra Beauty Facial, which it matches with my requirement perfectly. For your information, Beau Clinique is located in Wisma LifeCare, Bangsar South (Not far from where I wo…