Visiber Recognition 2017 | Invited by Priofingol | From Joanne Wee

I received a special invitation from Priofingol as VIP to attend Visiber Recognition 2017 on 10th June 2017.

Wow~ Look at the crowed, around 1000 people attend Visiber Recognition 2017

Watch the video of Visiber Recognition 2017

"Lucky me!
I am One of the Lucky Draw Winner.
First 1 to be draw"

It's a beautiful bracelet (worth RM900++)

What is Visiber (安家)?

Vision + Number = Visiber

I remember I heard of Visiber long time ago; they established 15 years from now. Most of us know them as the fortune teller (算命).
No! They are not!
They provide consultant services obalance point via your birth date with a math formula.

57 Society culture is to create a better you, Improve yourself to be a better person.

"I know many of you start asking,
can we believe Visiber?
Is it a scam?"

All I can say:
"Some people believe in it, and some don't.
It's much very depends on you."

My experience, they can read my character from my date of birth. Somehow, it amazed me! Cause they don't even know me.

You may look for Priofingol for the consulting for your own understanding, do understand yourself better, do lead a better you; for consultant services it's FREE!

Now you may register at app below, to understand yourself:

What I learn from them:

"No matter when or where you start,
Early or Late?
It's doesn't matter!
As long as you reach your destination;
As long as you are on the right path,
You will be there, you will succeed."


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