The Butterfly Project 4TH Birthday Party with Jerlynn'L | Joanne Wee

Time flies ~ The Butterfly Project turned 4!
As the same times, I grow along with The Butterfly Project

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"I am glad to be at the party 🙂

I would love to take this oppotunity to thank Mamasan, Tammy Lim for giving me the chances to blog and reviews on awesome products in most events.

She had guided us patiently thru all the steps on the products. She had also put a lot of effort to raise funds for events.

Knowing to handle all these by yourself are not easy. I appreciated your hardship, and you are sure one of my idol / mentol."

by Joanne Wee to Tammy

Today ~ Whoever attend
The Butterfly's Project 4th Birthday Party
received a box of Jerlynn'L products.

 Thank You Jerlynn'L on sponsering these awesome box.

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1. Body Wash - Plants & Herbs Extract (500ml)
2. Hair Conditioner & Detangler - Plants Extract (100ml)
3. Daily Moisture Lotion – Plants & Herbs Extract (100ml)
4. Face Moisture - Soothing Cream (50ml)
5. Bug No More - 180 mins - Plants & Herbs Extract (100ml)
6. Hair Wash Scalp Care (300ml)
7. Aroma Stone Sachet

Jerlynn'L Website:

All of us recorded a live video on Facebook/ Instagram on
The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party X Jerlynn'L

IG: RabbitJoanne
Facebook Page: Joanne Wee's Journey

We do also have the best dress contest!
Guess what?
We have Belle & Manificient in the house!!!

I am happy to meet all the gorgeous and intelligent people.
We are all Butterflies!!!

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I gave Jerlynn'L to my Mama as her Mother's Day gifts, not because it's free. It's because the products are good, and suitable to all ages, even children age 0. All parents gave the best to their child; Now I have grown up, whatever best, I gave to her.