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People who know me, they know I am a fan of Japanese cuisines. Last week, I visited Sho Kushiage is Japanese Cuisines Restaurant, which is located at Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid, Selangor, Malaysia. They are famous for their signature Fried Pork & Fried Skewer.

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How to pronoice Sho Kushiage?
Sho Ku-shia-ge = Wrong
It's Sho Ku-shi-a-ge

What does it mean?
Sho (笑/ Smile) Ku-shi-a-ge (炸串烧/ Fried Skewer)

What's so FAMOUS about their PORK?
It's known as Three Yuan, it is simply meant Ax(BxC). In overseas, these pig farms can provide purebred or crossbred genetic quality and health status, It's known as the pure system, Three Yuan Pig also is known as "DUROC".

Understand more about DUROC
Presently the most widely applied breeding programs are A x (B x C), A is a terminal sire, B matrilineal male, C is matriarchal female, wherein A mostly Duroc, B mostly Landrace, C mainly large White. In many cases, BC can be interchanged. (Prerequisites: these pigs are from abroad).

What's so SPECIAL?
I love the texture when I place it into my mouth, it's so crispy and not oily. Yes! I mention NO OILY!

They are using the original formula of bread, every day fresh crushed, they are made of fresh bread fluffy powder. Use 100% oleic acid rich vegetable oil, which can be used to hang crisp and delicious friend things. Frying on skilled and careful observation, the raw materials in the frying pan frying cooked 8 minutes, remove, heat is used to make it naturally becomes fully cooked, so that make it rich gravy, soft and juicy.

~~~ Menu ~~~

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Mini Hot Pot

Soup Selection of
Buta Soup Base
Kimuchi Soup Base
Cheese Soup Base

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 Avocado Salmon Cones (Right)
Avocado Unagi Cones (Middle)
Mango Prawn Cones (Left)


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Melted Mozzarella and Mexican Cheese

~~~ New Menu ~~~

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"This is my Favorite.
I prefer Curry soup, no sugar!
Soup are homemade recipes."

Cheesy Pork Ball

Noodle selection of
Ramen and Udon

Soup selection of
Pig Bone Soup and Curry Soup

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"This is my 2nd Favorite.

It's a must for you to try on their homemade sauce,
included pure honey and sesame."

Pork Chop

Noodle selection of
Ramen and Udon

Soup selection of
Pig Bone Soup and Curry Soup

~~~ Contact Sho Kushiage ~~~


LG2. 28 & 29 Lower Ground Two, Sunway Pyramid,
Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Contact Number
03-5613 6160


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