Sonus Faber Pryma | Designed and made by hand | PRYMA headphones

Sonus Faber PRYMA
is also known as
The Premium Headphones

Headphones designed and handmade in Italy by Sonus Faber. With PRYMA, the technology of high fidelity meets Italian design, to give you a sound unmatched anywhere, anytime. The music as you've never heard.

Beyoncé is using PRYMA01 in one of her MV, name Sandcastles (Start from 1:46)

Watch the video by Rebecca & Joanne (me):

What's so special about Sonus Faber PRYMA?

With the Body & Buckle, we are allowed to unbuckle them and share with a friend, by listening to each side, enjoy the beautiful music/ songs.

The Body
Aluminum makes it indestructible yet lightweight. The satin finish makes it resistant to scratches and fingerprints. It is a closed headphone, with small holes for resonators of the perfect low.

The Buckle
The PRYMA 01 are closed and are adapted to you like a belt. The buckle is made of copper and steel for a still living luster.

It's really very comfort, as they follow the shape of the ear, no dead space. For total isolation, without unnecessary bulk.

Made of genuine leather, handmade by Italian fashion leather goods. The interior is made of breathable microfiber. What's your favorite colour?
  • Coffee
  • Pure Black Silver
  • Marsala
  • Dark Grey
  • Pure Black Gold
  • Pure Black Notte


  • TYPEclosed circumaural headphones with Mylar diaphragm
    • Two 40mm dynamic transducers with lightweight Mylar diaphragm and magnet Neodymium
    • Copper Coil oversize 99.99% oxygen-free high conductivity which ensures a better seal power for the transducers
  • IMPEDANCE32 ohms at 1 kHz
  • FREQUENCY RANGE10-25000 Hz
  • DISTORTION (THD)0.1% to 90 dB SPL
  • MAXIMUM POWER INPUT120 mW (short-term)
  • SENSITIVITY118 dB SPL at 1 kHz with 1 mW
    • Two female jack inputs monophonic 2.5 mm to connect the signal cable (one for each ear)
    • A cable with microphone 1.3m terminated with stereo 3.5 mm
    • removable ear pads Bearings
    • Binaural adjustable leather (with turn-lock closure), removable and interchangeable
    • The connecting cables using 99.99% of the oxygen-free copper to minimize the distortion and improve the sound output
    • Cable Connectors soldered with pure tin alloys
    • Gilding HGP of the conductors to a constant sound quality over time and for maximum conductive capacity

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