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When talk about baking, I used to bake cakes with my mom almost every weekends when I was in the primary school. But for now I can only wish to bake because I do not have an oven at my home now and it's been a while till I can't really remember how to do it.

Christmas is coming soon!
so the first thing that came into my mind was my family. I wanted to give them a surprise, especially to my mom. I decided to take part in Christmas Cupcake Workshop which held at At 19 Culinary Studio and learn how to bake cupcakes ^_^ 
Special thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia & Tammy to give me this opportunity.

"This is At 19 Culinary Studio, I love the ambient very much.
It is a HOME KITCHEN concept and the recipes we were teach to bake are mostly available at home."

"Ingredients are ready for us as well !"

Suraiya: "Now 20 of you need to be separated into
4 person each team."
 She first brief us on how to bake our own cupcakes and she have to handle 4 naughty students that are more on having fun all the time >.<
(just a note, Suraiya is our instructor of the day.)

 Meet my team!
Our cupcake of the day:
Red Velvet Cupcakes!!!
Jom! Jom! Jom!
We are all so excited

So these are the steps:

First: weigh the Butter
Second: add in the Sugar
Third: Mix them with planetary mixer machine
Fourth: then Add 2 eggs into planetary mixer machine*

This step is very important.
* Attention!
Break each egg in a small bowl & pour them into a bigger bowl,
next pour the 2 Eggs from the bowl into planetary mixer.
(It's to prevent on breaking rotten eggs into all other ingredients.)

Fifth: Follow by adding chocolates and flour bit by bit into the planetary mixer.
Sixth: Blend until the entire bowl is full of creamy chocolate.

Seventh: Add in some Apple Cider Vinegar into the bowl and make a final stir.

Eighth: Fill the cupcake cups with the material we prepare earlier.
(Take a spoon of the chocolate cream and fill up the cupcake cups slowly.
Center filled and try not to fill up from the side of cupcake cups.)

While waiting for cupcakes to be baked. let's move to the Toppings.

 "I was concentrating on Suraiya's teaching and demostration."

Ninth: Create the icing and decoration as the topping.
(Beautify cupcakes.) 


"All of us are given a box to bring our cupcakes home."

Mom:"The cupcakes look delicious, was it baked by you?"

I felt so happy and she compliments about my cupcakes.
In future, I will try to make time and bake for my mom.

Thank you, mom, for being so supportive and lovely.

Thank you At 19 Culinary Studio & The Butterfly Project once again.
We had a lot of fun at the workshop.

At Nineteen Culinary Studio
No.19 Jalan Dungun,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




  1. You guys so talented, the cupcakes are just adorable :)

    1. Thank you so much :) Suraiya is a good instructor, or else we will mess up the whole thing ... lol


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