Foxxytong Cafe 福喜堂之飯坊 | Chinese New Year Reunion Menu 2017 in Malaysia

Chinese New Year is around the corner!!!

Time passed fast, and now we celebrate another new year. 
Are you excited? I am!
Because it is the time for reunion with my besties, schoolmates, and family members.

As every New Year approaching, most employers will bring their employees out for a lunch or dinner in order to express gratitude over their hard work over the past year, to usthis is known as 收工酒 (Shōu gōng jiǔ) to us. 

So if you need any place for recommendation where to have this 收工酒 (Shōu gōng jiǔ)?
Visit Foxxytong Cafe!

Foxxytong café have prepare the CNY set menu for you!

Chinese New Year Set Menu (新春套餐)

1. Yee Sang with Abalone (喜气洋洋齐撈生)

2. Shitake with Mince Meat in Lettuce (生意兴隆发大财)

3. Foxxytong Signature Chicken Wings (大展鸿图翅高飞)

4. Drunken Prawn (贵妃醉酒笑哈哈)

5. Braise Sea Cucumber,Pork Ribs with Mushroom (富甲天下一品锅)

6. Broccoli with Scallop, Gingko & Shimeiji Mushroom (百子千孙聚满堂)

7. Foxxytong Eight Treasure Rice (黄金遍地相聚欢)

8. Longan with Honey Sea Coconut (百年好合甜蜜蜜)

RM 738.00 net for 10 Pax/ Per Table

 If you are interested, please call these numbers to make a reservation: 
011 - 1239 6967
03 - 8021 6967
*Advance Booking Needed

There are also some additional options to add-on to the CNY set menu.

a. Salmon Yee Sang [RM88]

b. Lettuce with Japanese mushroom

c. Pumpkin Rice

Foxxytong Cafe

Foxxytong Café (福喜堂之飯坊) to present favourite comfort cafe with superior quality ingredients to ensure a memorable dining experience.

The Foxxytong Café combines a antique & modern art deco design masterfully blended with the essence of a traditional 1950s Shanghainese, creating a warm and unique dining experience for authentic Chinese cuisine such as Hakka Stew Duck, Spicy Pork Belly, Hokkien Yam Rice, barbecued pork bun ( CharSiewPau), Teochew or Hong Kong Porridge, Chinese Wine Ginger Egg Soup, Tong Sui dessert ( Red, Green Bean Soup, Peanut or Barley etc).

The chef of Foxxytong Café is also pleased to create tailor-made set menus to cater to diners’ different preferences for business, social or family gatherings.
福喜堂之飯坊 - 私房菜。小食館。午餐。下午茶。晚餐。宵夜。

About Foxxytong Café

They are able to plan any type of event, whether it’s an anniversary, wedding, birthday, reunion, sales incentive, or just an old-fashioned party.

Parties & Events - Planning a social or corporate event can be stressful if you have to be both the host and the planner. The key to a successful event is to have someone there to handle all of the production aspects so that you can enjoy your guests or be a host to your VIP’s.


34-1, Jalan USJ 10/1E
Subang Jaya


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