Rose last for 3 to 5 Years | Beyond Love - Florever Rose

There was one day when I was shopping at Setiawalk, I came into the weekend flea market which I had no idea when they have this started.

(But never mind, let's continue) While I take my time to look around, something suddenly caught my attention! Roses!
I believe most of you had gotten rose for at least once in your lifetime. So I walked towards the stall, and noticed a beautiful keychain made together with roses.

🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️

The lovely owner explained to me the details on their keychain,and what I found amazingly was the rose can last
up to 3 to 5 years!

in the ball
(and You even don't have to water it)

Looks lovely, right?

🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️ 🌹️🌹️🌹️

But I am not a pink person.
So I requested for my favourite colour: Purple.

They check their inventory and customize according to my style.
Once the keychain was made, they delivered the keychain to my office.

Great services and very friendly!

So this is how my keychain looks like :)
Love it so much!!!
I bought it on July 2016

If you are interested to get one, please check it out more information at their Facebook and Instagram page.