Get slim with Jonlivia™ | Hotpants & Physio Braces

There was once that keeping body shape wasn’t an issue to me. But when my work life had a change on 2014, I gain weight in a surprising time, 10 kg in 6 months. Imagine that!

2016 is a turning point where I change my job, change the way I eat. It was a total change, and I have more time for a healthier life.

Now I owned Jonlivia™ Hotpants S+, it allow me to sweat 3 to 4 times more, when I walk or jog, or while I am doing housework. It does really helps me a lot!

Jonlivia™ Unisex Physio Braces, it helps me to correct poor posture; it also helps to pull back the shoulders, straighten neck and aligns spine. This it not only for adult, it's suitable for children too.

Jonlivia™ provide slimming and fitness products that make your body looks good, slimmer and healthier.


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