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EUMORA Classic Facial Bar | All in ONE Facial Bar

3 minutes Miracle Facial Bar Miracle Facial Bar has sold in millions over 60 countries.


Eumora is a sensational Moor Facial bar infused with Hma (Hydration microalgae factor) and formulated with 100% world-class grade of ingredients imported from Europe. Suitable for everyday use on all skin types. It simply cleans and moiturizes skin for a brighten and refreshed result.

I have tried and test it! Check on my video.


Direction for use:
Step 1
What you need are: Eumora Bar and water.

Step 2

Wet your hands, put Eumora on your hands to create a thick lather.
*Do not add water directly on the bar itself.

Step 3
Apply gently onto skin, leave on for 3 minutes.

Step 4
Rinse off with water.


Joanne Wee : [Unboxing] Althea - Pore Care Box

I receive the awesome Pore Care Box from Althea
It's all the way fromKorea!

I felt appreciated when I received the parcel, it's wrap with a good quality pink plastic,
which it protect not only the packaging box and also the products inside the box.

I am so excited!
Can't wait to go home and unwrap it.
(By the way, I receive it in my office. Need to work seriously (professionally).

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Althea Beauty Boxes "When is Althea launching beauty box?" "Will there be a beauty box?" "Please sell beauty boxes!". Unveiling the latest addition to the Althea Korea family are our line of limited edition beauty boxes, specially curated by the fairy team in Seoul. Expect 2 - 3 thematic boxes every month from October onwards and get ready to snag them before they go OOS! (out of stock). 
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Pore Care Box cost RM120 for 10 items!!!

Watch my video

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Foxxytong Cafe 福喜堂之飯坊 | Chinese New Year Reunion Menu 2017 in Malaysia

Chinese New Year is around the corner!!!

Time passed fast, and now we celebrate another new year. 
Are you excited? I am!
Because it is the time for reunion with my besties, schoolmates, and family members.

As every New Year approaching, most employers will bring their employees out for a lunch or dinner in order to express gratitude over their hard work over the past year, to usthis is known as æ”¶å·¥é…’ (Shōu gōng jiǔ) to us. 

So if you need any place for recommendation where to have this 收工酒 (Shōu gōng jiǔ)?
Visit Foxxytong Cafe!

Foxxytong café have prepare the CNY set menu for you!

Chinese New Year Set Menu (新春套餐)

1. Yee Sang with Abalone (喜气洋洋齐撈生)

2. Shitake with Mince Meat in Lettuce (生意兴隆发大财)

3. Foxxytong Signature Chicken Wings (大展鸿图翅高飞)

4. Drunken Prawn (贵妃醉酒笑哈哈)

5. Braise Sea Cucumber,Pork Ribs with Mushroom (富甲天下一品锅)

6. Broccoli with Scallop, Gingko & Shimeiji Mushroom (百子千孙聚满堂)

7. Foxxytong Eight Treasure Rice (黄金遍地相聚欢)

8. Longan with Honey Sea Coconut (百年好合甜蜜蜜)

RM 738.00 net for 10 Pax/ Per…

Get slim with Jonlivia™ | Hotpants & Physio Braces

There was once that keeping body shape wasn’t an issue to me. But when my work life had a change on 2014, I gain weight in a surprising time, 10 kg in 6 months. Imagine that!

2016 is a turning point where I change my job, change the way I eat. It was a total change, and I have more time for a healthier life.

Rose last for 3 to 5 Years | Beyond Love - Florever Rose

There was one day when I was shopping at Setiawalk, I came into the weekend flea market which I had no idea when they have this started.
(But never mind, let's continue) While I take my time to look around, something suddenly caught my attention! Roses! I believe most of you had gotten rose for at least once in your lifetime. So I walked towards the stall, and noticed a beautiful keychain made together with roses.
🌹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️
The lovely owner explained to me the details on their keychain,and what I found amazingly was the rose can last up to 3 to 5 years!
in the ball
(and You even don't have to water it)

Looks lovely, right?

🌹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️ ðŸŒ¹️🌹️🌹️

But I am not a pink person. So I requested for my favourite colour: Purple.
They check their inventory and customize according to my style. Once the keychain was made, they delivered the keychain to my office.

The Coverage Award Night | Top 100 Malaysian Women 2016 | Play Club, The Roof

What's The Coverage Award Night All About?

Top 100 Malaysian Women received a honorable award from The Coverage Media. This award recognizes and celebrates the achievement of all these pretty and talented women, who have excelled in their respective field of work.

Watch the video below, and you know who I met, and it was AWESOME!!!

Top 100 Women Malaysia Award presented by Tan Sri Vincent Lee.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Liyana for the invitations. Besides that, I really feel honored to have such chance to meet with all the celebrities, such as Amber Chia,Azura Zainal, Harith Iskander, DJ Leng Yein, MC Leng Sean, and DJ Joey.