Wings Musicafe 13 Years Anniversary

If you had been around the town, Wings Musicafe must be quite familiar to you guys. This is an idea of a music café specializing in providing live unplugged music with mostly Chinese and English songs every night. Wings Musicafe starts up with the slogan of

[Good Music.Great Friends]

Their Operating Concept 1 is to cultivate Malaysian music talents, and to build a platform for music lovers to come together.

They do provide the best venue for friends to relax, gather and share good music together, like their slogan says [Good Music Great Friends].

And recently I had the opportunity to be invite to Wings Musicafe Bandar Sri Puteri Puchong along with other bloggers for their food review and about their upcoming events.


We was served with their all-time best sellers menu foods:

Double Cheese Chicken
"This is their signature dish since 2005. Double layer of cheese and a half boiled egg in between the grilled chicken."
This is “must not missed” chicken chop if you are a cheese lover.

Chef Creamy Pork Chop

"Back in 2014, one of their younger chef – Clement introduce his creation to the menu. Made with pork chop that is tediously marinated with several spices, and coupled with a hous-proprietary aromatic garlic white sauce."

Viet Style Grilled Chicken
"I love this dish soooo much!
Grilled chicken chop marinated in Vietnamese style, with special Vietnamese sauce."

Bacon Carbonara
"This is my bf favorite food as he is a Bacon lover. Their pasta was rich with the creamy based spaghetti. Thumbs up for the BACON!!"

Bacon Risotto
"Well, personally I am not a risotto person but this will be one of it if I visit Wings Musicafe next time."

Wings House Salad sauce
"There was a story about this. Once there was a Malaysian Chinese Chef who were trained in France shared one of his popular creations to Wings Musicafe making the salad one of its earliest signatures dishes. 
Their sauce are much different from ordinary salad sauces, with a smooth textures and a sweet aroma that you will not find it somewhere else."

Friend’s Platter
all signature snacks in one for everyone, and every occasion.


Other than food, we were also served with their signatures drink such as
Redang Wave, Long Vacation, Chocolove and Milk Tea


Last, there is also surprises from the organizers about their Christmas menu!!
Just look at how cute their Christmas theme menu. Make sure you pay a visit to their café!

Three Different signature Flavour French Fries as Christmas Tree

Luncheon Meat as Gingerbread man
(Not include Three Different signature Flavour French Fries as Christmas Tree)

Christmas playground Sharing Platter
Adorable Mashed potato - snowman
Luncheon Meat - Gingerbread man
French Fries - Christmas Tree
Ham Hotdog - Fence

*Mashed Potato snowman only will be served with Christmas playground Sharing Platter 


Their upcoming event brings the theme of 《一生梦想。回音飞扬 represents as a folk singer restaurant for sharing music dreams and this echo stage of the mission.

For more details about this event, you can check on their Facebook page.

Time8:00pm7:00pm start
VIP ticketRM250
Normal ticketRM100
Early bird priceRM70 (Limited)
*all ticket price had included GST 6%


Wings Musicafe Bandar Puteri Puchong
39, Jalan Puteri 4/1, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.

03-8061 3309

Business Hours
Sun - Thu (12PM - 1:30am)
Fri - Sat (6pm - 2am)

Live Band
9pm - 12pm Daily