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Hello Love ~  
I would like to share with you the restaurant name Restoran Xin Yuen Kee, which is located at Kuala Kubu Bharu. It was introduced by a friend of mine who is origin from Kuala Kubu Bharu.

I don't even know there is such place in Malaysia. Kuala Kubu Bharu is the principal town of Hulu Selangor District, Selangor, Malaysia. It was built after the town of Kuala Kubu was destroyed in a flood in 1883, and Kuala Kubu Bharu is located on top of a hill.

Old Chinese restaurant atmosphere
"Mid autumn festival was around the corner, they have lots of moon cakes,
on the usual days they sell a lots of other Chinese biscuits, desserts and snacks."

White Board Menu

"Before I introduce you the foods, I would like to share with you something interesting about this restaurant's menu, most of the drinks are RM3juices are RM3 per cup, which I think it's really worth it "

Yong Tau Foo

"I love to drink soup, and my favorite Yong Tau Foo is the egg plant,
I know not many people love it or so do you?

Hokkien Mee
"It was one of my favorite noodle when I was young.
Oh ya~ all of their dishes come with 3 sizes: small, medium or large.

Steam Slice Pork With Bee Hoon
"Bee Hoon with Steam Slice Pork,
Such perfect match, it's really delicious!"
👍Must Try!!!👍

Famous Lor Mee
"It's really delicious!
It's their signature dish in the restaurant.
👍Must Try!!!👍

Fried Fish Cake
"It's a Chinese snack, it's simple and delicious!"
👍Must Try!!!👍

Raw Prawn Yi Mein
"This is my favorite!
I, personally find it's more delicious than Lor Mee,
Never say NO, always say TRY"
👍Must Try!!!👍

Stewed Mushrooms Chicken Legs

"I don't eat chicken legs, it was order for a friend of my,
so I can't give you any comment on this dish."

Crispy Fish Bean Curd Skin
"It's a Chinese snack, it is very delicious,
it's made by Saito Fish."
👍Must Try!!!👍

Fried Pork with Red Bean Curd
"1 word to describe this food:"Tasty"!!!"
👍Must Try!!!👍

Crispy Spring Roll
"Another 1 word to describe this food:"Delicious"!!!
👍Must Try!!!👍

"Most of the foods here are delicious!
If you do notice I repeated Delicious & Tasty!
I share what I tasted, and experienced, I love the food here, and I definitely will visit this restaurant again."

Meet the friendly and kind boss (Ah Hock) and lady boss (Elaine)

This is my friend name (Daizz), she is the one who recommend me here :)

Kuala Lumpur - Restoran Xin Yuen Kee 
(Around 1 hour 30 minutes by car)

Genting Highland -  Restoran Xin Yuen Kee
 (Around 1 hour by car)

Sarang by the brook, Kuala Kubu bharu -  Restoran Xin Yuen Kee
(around 5 minutes by car)


Kuala Kubu Bharu

 016-660 3076

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  1. I've been to KKB a couple of times but don't know why I never noticed Restoran Xin Yuen Kee before. Thanks to your recommendation, I'll look out for them the next time I find myself there.

  2. Hmmm... have not been to Kuala Kubu Baru for ages... this looks like an interesting town... should check it out... thanks for the recommendation

  3. There's so many must try food here at Restoran Xin Yuen kee!! I miss loh mee looks yum =D

  4. The raw prawn Yee Mian look so nice!!! The prawn is so big and looks so juicy!!

  5. Food looks super yummy and prawns are fresh, juicy and big.

  6. fried pork with red bean curd? yes please.. :P

  7. Another awesome yummy post Joanne. It will be a must visit restro for me.

    1. Dear Sumit, sorry for the late comment.
      Have you visit the restaurant?

  8. Your english spoils the read. Please work on improving your language so your blog becomes more attractive. Those who just look for content won't mind but I go for the whole package. When the expression is so bad I just give up reading.

    1. Thank you on your comment.
      I am learning and improving it day by day :)


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