8 Reasons to Get an Honor 8

Let me share with you, my personal experience with Android phones, years back.

"4 years ago, there was an accident, where the car behind banged my car. And during the emergency, all I wanted to do is to make a phone call, my  phone hangs. And it needs to be reboot to get it working. This is not really helping when I was in the emergency and was panic in the situation. From that incident, I told myself that No more android phones anymore.."

So, time flies and technologies getting better, day by day. So I thought I might give it a try on Android.

 So here how the “TRY” happens, LOL

"I got an Android phone, which is Samsung Note 5 during the Chinese New Year from my boyfriend. He always wanted to change my perspective on how an Android phone can performs. Lucky me? Yeah! Thank you dear :)

The phone was awesome! Note 5 camera was the first thing opens up my eye and I was impress with the photo taken by this phone. My friends love those photo taken by my phone.

Later on after the CNY, I had gotten my boyfriend a phone that he wanted for his birthday – Google Nexus 6P. Nexus 6p was the phone collaboration between Google and Huawei.

Nowadays I always see him  took nicer photos compare with mine, Gosh! That's make me kind of jealous ... LOL!"


So these are my 8 Reasons and also my 8 Excuses to get the new Huawei Honor 8

First reason: Camera
With Huawei Honor 8, I can captures lots of beautiful images. As a blogger, I need a good phone with good camera to help me on my daily tasks.

2nd reasons: Front camera
I love selfie so so so so so much, and with Huawei Honor 8 front camera, I can even take my selfie in love light conditions.

3rd reasons: Battery life and fast charging
Battery life!!! Well, is a fact now where people spend most of their time on phones, no matter where they go. We need our phones to have a good battery life to allow us to manage our tasks on phone without worrying to get a secondary power source. So, every second counts if there is fast charging.

4th reasons: Screen
I love to watch movies using phone, and I edit videos via my phone most of the time.

5th reasons: Smart dual-band Wifi support
Wi-Fi is very important for me :P and I believe to many people as well. We need Wi-Fi for many reasons/ excuses:
- Pokemon Go
- Upload photos
- most importantly, to stay connected either with work or personal life (Serious) AGREE?!

6th reasons: Smart control 4.0
It's a WOW! for such lazy person like me, 1 device with for all appliances.  Wow! Wow! Wow!

7th reasons: Eco-friendly
All packaging and manuals are printed using soy-based ink. This is so meaningful for me. As a graphic designer myself, save paper = save environment. Always go green whenever you can!

8th reasons: Design
Design of the phone so much elegant, and Huawei Honor 8 blue is my favorite. It is so beautiful!

There are also other details on Huawei Honor 8 that you can refer below:

Do you feel like getting 1 too?
Honor 8 is available in Lazada now!
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Lazada's My Cybersale is happening on 26 - 30 Sept
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  1. Nice post..Honor 8 is a nice phone.

  2. My friends have honor 8. This is one cool and great smartphone. Hope you win one dear!

    1. This is one cool and great smartphone. Aw~ what about the taking photos?
      I am soooo crazy about it

  3. While I agree with all your points, I am impressed by the front camera and that alone is enough to make me get one unit. But first, let me save more money. LOL

  4. Phone hang when in emergency situation is a nightmare! Understand why you doubt android. Hope you win the smartphone.

  5. Saw many users saying this phone are good to use. Seem really not bad.

  6. Great phone it must be! Am an iPhone lover though.

  7. Looks like a good phone. Will consider if want to buy new phone.

  8. wow! Would love to drop by at nearest HuaWei store to check this out! Have heard of many good reviews of this HuaWei model :)

  9. I have tried this phone before and it value for money.

  10. This is really good cell phone. I gifted it to my sister last year and it still works well without any breaks. Follow the link to see the photos.

  11. Wonderful article, which you have shared here about the honor8 Smartphone. Your article is very informative and It nicely describes the best reasons for buying a honor8 smartphone from the lazada. If anyone looking for the Lazada voucher code for discount on honor8, Visit easyshoppingvouchercodes.com


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