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Wohooo ~ It's been a while I didn't have time for manicure, and pedicure due to busy with works. One of the reasons was because of my previous job was kinda "high damage" to my beautiful nail art, which makes me feel not worthy to keep it. Other than 
that, most of my friends start asking me, why my hair colour is back to the usual black, it's because I just joined a new company, and it was advisable better not to colour my hair, even colour any nail art. Well, that I will tell you more about this in my upcoming blog post.

Recently, one of my friends introduced me to Vincy Nails & Spa, it's inside Tomo Hair Saloon, which is located at Pusat Bandar Puchong; The location of the shop was really near to my house.

When I arrived, the manicurist was serving the other customer, and I got the chance to observe how she does the nail art professionally. She draws them without using any stickers; I prefer manicurist draw my nail art without using a sticker, and I love her artwork, look at the details, beautiful!

Oh yeah!!! Vincy Nails & Spa is quite new in the area. They just opened on this Wednesday, 03 August 2016, and now they are having an~~~

Opening Promotion!!!

Classic Mani/ Pedi RM18.00

Classic Manicure (np: RM35.00)
Classic Pedicure (np: RM45.00)

Gel Mani/ Pedi RM38.00

Gel Manicure (np: RM80.00)
Gel Pedicure (np: RM100.00)

*For nail art design will be charged minimum RM5 per nail.

Since it was their new opening, I would advise you guys to better call them for an appointment before you visit the shop. You can also try your luck to walk in.

Finally, It's my turn!!! Without second thoughts, I had asked for the  Gel Manicure and Classic Pedicure :) You may look for nail art designs online that you prefer, and show it to the manicurist.

 😆 TA~DA~!!! 😆

Simple & Lovely

Picking colour thru these templates for classic pedicure,
I always preferred blue, turquoise, and green for a pedicure.

Finally the ART had DONE!

Looking at these beautiful nails of mine!
They would cheer my day even more.

Now I am ready to go!

Wait! Let me introduce the lovely manicurist, owner of Vincy Nails & Spa, and her name is Ms.Vancy, but usually people known her as Vincy, she is also a friendly person too, we had some chit chat while she was doing my nail arts.


No.7G, Jalan Bandar 10,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.

017-3457380 / 017-3878678



  1. Nice la your nails. I also wanna do it ^^

    1. Thank you
      Guess what? I caught lots of Pokemon around there as well...

  2. Like the turquoise color for your toes, I am big fans for this blue greenish color too :)

  3. I loved your nails and art on them. I need to pamper my nails soon.

  4. nice colour and d price very reasonable. murahnya..

  5. looks really nice. my friend was recommending gel too. i guess this would be it!

  6. nice i like the simple design and colour you chose... if me also choose similar


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