XIXILI Fashion Show 2016 (Aurora - Rise of Dawn)


Rise of Dawn

XIXILI Summer / Spring Collection 2016

Venue: Bangsar Shopping Center, Ruyi & Lyn

I was so excited! To be there, with all the awesome and beautiful people.

XIXILI is founded by a group of ladies who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust-lines and appreciation of the bust volumes through the right choice of brassieres.

They passionately and dedicatedly employ their knowledge into crafting out a business model that combines personalized fitting with exquisite lingerie.

XIXILI is proud to offer products with the latest fashion, yet supported by the essential elements of fit for all your individual needs.

xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili

Brand Motto

"Uplifting You Always"

Brand Promise
"An intimate experience that enhances your confidence, happiness and well-being."

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Click the link below to watch
XIXILI Fashion Show 2016

xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili - xixili

I love this photo (taken by me), she looks gorgeous, look at that curvy sexy lines,
and it reminds me when I was in modeling field back in the year 2011 & 2012

My OOTD (Outfit of the day)

Glad to meet all these beautiful creatures ^_^

XIXILI Website:

XIXILI Facebook Fan Page:

Ruyi & Lyn Facebook Fan Page:


  1. Sexy lovely lingerie fashion show! Xixili looks like a nice brand..

    1. It's a nice brand, currently they are having some discounts, you may have a try :)

  2. I love wearing XIXILI !! It's time to check out their new collection :)

    1. Recently I just went to bought new bra from them, and it's so nice fitting and looks nice
      I love it so much

  3. Attending a Fashion show is an altogether fun experience. Your OOTD is great.

    1. Yes! It's fun and
      Thank you so much on your compliment :)

  4. Lovely and you look so pretty. You must had a wonderful time.

    1. Thank you so much
      I did, a wonderful time after my 3 weeks of sick...lol
      finally I am free to go out...hahaha

  5. So many leng lui around with sexy thingy..

    1. Yes! Not only the guys love it, ladies love it as well


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