Food Review: Wakon Japanese Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown

This is my first time visit to the Wakon Japanese Restaurant, it has been operating at Damansara Utama for 2 years since 2014, and it's run by a Hong Kong chef who has the love for Japanese cuisine. After working in the F&B industry in Hong Kong for years, he decided to move his restaurant business to Malaysia, as he fell in love with the laid back and relaxed environment in Malaysia.

Just like the Japanese spirit, the Wakon Japanese Restaurant has been about having the innovative spirit while keeping the Japanese tradition. Stepping into the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a simple and comfortable Japanese Izakaya-style interior, look at the image below:

Being an Izakaya restaurant, Wakon has a very simple menu which mainly consists of grilled dishes such as Pork Neck Skewers, BBQ Squid, BBQ Chicken Wings and many more. On top of these, Wakon offers ala carte menu, such as rice options, ramen and their signature such as Black Truffle Mixed with Udon. To ensure their customer has the best experience, Wakon is determined in serving quality dishes. Since it’s an Izakaya restaurant, you can expect to savour some Sake over your meal at Wakon.

You may refer the menu at below:

Foods that I tried:

Crab Roe Salada RM13.90
"This is really delicious!
Once I place it into my mouth,
I fall in love with it."

Wasabi Gyoza RM14.90
"Gyoza is a Japanese dish consisting of wonton wrappers stuffed with pork and cabbage.
What special is they add on the wasabi and roe, it tastes perfect!"

BBQ Pork Belly RM6.90 per stick
"If you worry about gaining weight by consuming too much pork?
Order one(1) stick of the BBQ Pork Belly, and share your finds.
It's really delicious. Must Try!!!"

BBQ Squid RM18.90

"I don't eat squid, so I can't say anything about it;
but from others, they said it's delicious."

BBQ Pork Neck Meat RM7.90 per stick
"This is yum yum YUM YUMMY~!!!"

BBQ Brinjal RM9.90
This brinjal tastes delicious and juicy"

Black Truffle Mixed Handmade Udon RM46.90
"Guess what?!
This is 1 of my favorite.
Must TRY!!!"

"Look at it!!!
It's made me craving for it every time I look at it."

Mentaiko Chicken Wings RM12.90 (1 set 2 pcs)
"This is not a normal chicken wing,
inside of it is full of marinated roe of pollock and cod,
that makes it so special and tasty.
Must Try!!!"

Tomato Udon RM8.50
"This is nice, and I love the taste."

Tonkatsu Udon RM8.50

"This is nice, and I love the taste.
Actually, most of their foods are really tasty and delicious.
You have to check them out."

Meet the boss Sunny ^_^ A very nice guy

This is Cold Sake

"Personally, love the vase so much,
and it tastes good."

Hot Sake

"They also serve hot sake."

For an authentic Japanese Izakaya experience, drop by Wakon Japanese Restaurant to have a drink or two while you enjoy some of their light bites. Don’t forget to follow their Facebook page for more updates too.

No 75, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, 47400 Selangor.

Contact no: 
03-7733 5996

Business Hours:
12.00pm – 3.00pm
6.00pm – 11.30pm
10.45pm Last Call

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  1. The decor of the restaurant definitely brings me back to Japan and the food looks mouthwateringly good!

    Much love,

    1. It's not only looks mouthwatering, they are really delicious :)

    2. It's not only looks mouthwatering, they are really delicious :)

  2. not a fans of japanese food but will recommend this restaurant to my friends :D

  3. the ambiance look cool and perfect for dining. Looking at menu the choices selection is superb too.

    1. And the foods are delicious too
      Order those with I marked them with LOVE
      You won't get disappointed :)

  4. Black Truffle Mixed Handmade Udon looks special. I should try it instead.

    1. Other than Sake, Black Truffle Mixed Handmade Udon is my TOP 2 favorite

  5. why u dont eat squids?they look delicious..

    1. Since young, just don't like the texture of squids, octopus & jelly fishes
      but my bf ate it and he said it's delicious

  6. Wow they are so delicious! I wanna it all!
    Reference Japan Restaurant

  7. We went for sushi tonight and it's so yum.


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