What to do with leftover travel money? There are apps for that (Worldkoins and Dropkoins)

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What to do with your leftover travel money?
2 Smart phone Apps (Worldkoins and Dropkoins) are the solution! 

After enjoying your vacations/overseas trips, do you have a headache with the leftover money? Wondering what to do with it?


Keep it in jars and drawers and never touch it for years? Worry about your various money currencies?

ALL THESE PROBLEMS ARE NOW SOLVED, thanks to 2 smartphone applications, available at google play store:
2. Dropkoins (for Collectors)https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.worldkoinscollector


What it is all about?

What's Worldkoins?

When traveling for leisure or business, travelers come home with unspent cash/ leftover foreign currency/ change from the visited places.

This money is then forgotten in jars or drawers.

Now with Worldkoins, you can use your money without any worries.


The leftover change stays home, now it's time for you to get them into digital gift cards/ vouchers or donate to charity organizers.

How does it work with just 3 simple steps?

1. Drop off your unspent cash to any local DROPKOINS collector.

2. Get its value on your mobile phone! Converts leftover change to eGift card/ vouchers to use and shop online right from the mobile phone.

3. Shop from amazing brands:
Skype. iTunes, Google Play, Facebook or donate to charity organizations.

How does Worldkoins App work (for Travelers)?

1. You must meet a collector face to face to handover your unspent cash.

2. The collector (using Dropkoins App) will request a PIN code sent to your phone number to validate the transaction.

3. Once the transaction done, your Worldkoins e-account will automatically be credited

4. Shop online from amazing brands: Skype, iTunes, Google Play, Facebook or donate to charity organizations.


Before your next trip overseas, you can also be a collector (using Dropkoins App) to get your currency of destination while earning a commission!


How does Dropkoins App work (for collectors)?

1. Top up your account via PayPal/ Credit cards.
2. Collect leftover change from the travelers.
3. You are paid with attractive commission for each transaction of money collected.

What's Dropkoins benefits you?

  • NO extra investment.
  • NO extra time; collect on your spare time.
  • Accept ALL currencies you want.
(Change the currency via the settling in the mobile application.)
  • High commissions.
  • Extra service to your own clients.
  • Be visible to our large network of travelers.