Aaron Crow: Fearless : Cheating Death Nightly @ Resort World Genting, Genting Highland

Meet Aaron Crow
Fearless : Cheating Death Nightly

Let me introduce you:

Ronny Verbeke (born 12 February 1969),
known professionally as Aaron Crow is a Belgian mentalistmagician and swordsman, perhaps best known for his appearances on talent shows including Britain's Got Talent and Le plus grand cabaret du monde.

Crow is a member of the internationally renowned magic septet The Illusionists, alongside fellow magicians Dan SperryKevin James, Philip Escoffey, Mark Kalin and Jinger, Jeff Hobson and Andrew Basso. He generally remains silent during his stage performances, which has earned him the nickname "The Silent Mentalist."

He is really good in his magician, I can't show you what he did on the stage due to phone/camera are not allowed, but I managed to take few photos for you as a sneak peek.

Ops~! We get our seats, and due to over excited, we took some welfie.

This is where the most exciting part in the show. He will blindfold himself with heavy tapes and perform the dangerous acts without vision. Everyone took a deep breath and silent while he was performing.

Meet the team

Both of us enjoyed the show a lot, we laugh,
we also surprised by some of the actions they made.

Wonder what are the actions?
Don't miss the chance to meet him live on stage now at Resort World Genting, from 18 March until 15 May 2016.

"Arrrgggg ~ Forget to mention, he is so handsome ~
(blush) I was melting, when he stands next to me"

My boyfriend and I enjoyed a lot over there with other bloggers as well. We would like to thank Resort World Genting for this opportunity, and also thanks to Genting PR Eric Moo for the arrangement and spending time bring us around.


  1. This is wonderful. I would love to attend such show. thriller.

  2. Wow, looks like u're having so much fun over there.

  3. Wow, looks like u're having so much fun over there.

  4. So pretty!! Just need to put on red lipstick and you can also be one of the performers already!

  5. I've heard so much of Aaron Crow that I searched for his videos on YouTube. I want to watch him live one day!

  6. OMG ! looks like a lot of fun! Glad you enjoyed the show babe

  7. Wow. this is fantastic and well you look like a celebrity too.

  8. Aaron is an awesome and friendly magician. Like him very much!

  9. Big thumbs up for Genting to come out with so many exciting activities. Will visit Genting soon!!

  10. Great performance, wish I able to catch his show one day too :)

  11. so nice. Looking forward to the day i go up genting watch a show again.

  12. How I wish I can go up to Genting but have to finish the assignment first 😂


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