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There is a new Gelato shop in town.

Do you know the differences between  Milkissimo Hokkaido Gelato  with others gelato?

Hakodate in Hokkaido is the home of gelato while Rome, the capital city of Italy is the home of milk. Two cities, linked at 41° north latitude. Inspired by far-off Italy, Milkissimo takes the high-quality milk to produce the authentic gelato with all the abundant blessings of the Hokkaido soil. The true taste of Italy is the foundation of all their Gelato.

I love the atmosphere here, it's colourful, cheerful, comfortable seats & space, delicious gelato and other foods are awesome as well. Most importantly, the services are good too.

They have a quite variety of flavoursFlavours inspired by classic Italian Dolce desserts. Gelato machines are installed in every store to offer the perfect fresh made gelato prepared in-store. Raw ingredients that processed at Hokadate, Hokkaido, facility was delivered directly to the Milkissimo store for quality assurance.

(A) Flavors:
1. Pumpkin 
2. Cherry Blossom 
3.     Caramel Macchiato 
4. Tiramisu 
5. Purple Sweet Potatoes 
6. White Peach 
7. Almond Chocolate 
8. Hokkaido Strawberry Milk - Yogurt 
9. Biscuit - Green Tea Milk 
10. Coconut And Passion Fruit - Vanilla 
11. Mellow Melon - Sicily Pistachio 
12. Banana Yogurt - White Chocolate 
13. Black Sesame Milk 
14. Northern Hascup

(B) Highlighted Fruit & Vegetables Favorites:

We are utilizing strictly selected seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido, such as Hokkaido fruits and vegetables.

1. Edamame Estivo
a. Made of Edamane beans from Hokuto. 
b. A refreshing taste, reminiscent summer.
2. Haskapp
a. Made of the fruit of Haskapp honeyberry.
b. A taste of red wine, with a hint of added sweetness.
3. Corn Fresco
a. Made of sweet, rich-flavoured Hokkaido corn.
4. Melon Matoro 
a. Made of Hokkaido melons
b. Rich, sweet authentic melon flavor


Black Sesame Milk
Single Flavor RM 11.90

"This is my boyfriend's favorite, I also love how it tastes."

Cherry Blossom + Sicily Pistachio + Almond Chocolate
Triple Flavors RM 17.90

"Combination of Cherry Blossom, and Sicily Pistachio is nice,
but for Almond Chocolate, I feel it's too much if consume too much."

Single Flavor RM 11.90
Double Flavors RM14.90
Triple Flavors RM 17.90
Premier Flavor Add on RM1.00
Waffle Cone Add on RM1.00

All food and beverages are inclusive of GST 6%
5% service charge for dine-in only

Matcha Parfait RM18.90

"It's very satisfying, you may share this with your friend."

Other Parfaits
1. Coffee Parfait RM18.90
2. Strawberry Parfait RM19.90
3. Chocolate Parfait RM19.90

Besides gelato, Milkissimo is serving waffles:

Signature Waffle RM17.90

"I believe most girlfriend will definitely love this Signature Waffle.
There are waffle fruits + gelato !"

Smoked Salmon Waffle RM24.90

"I am a salmon lover, this is really delicious.
Anyone can bring their friends or family here,
if you want to order meals without gelato,
this is the perfect selection!"

Tuna Waffle RM18.90

"If you don't like raw salmon, you may try their Tuna Waffle as well.
They are YUMMY!"

Other waffles:
1. Matcha Waffle RM17.90
2. Potato Salad Waffle RM16.90
3. Classic Waffle RM9.90

For your information, Gelato is a healthier type dessert than ice-cream, but there is always a limitation for dessert to be consumed. So, always take care about your healthy diet.

Company History

- Company founded. Tokyo branch office established

September 2009
- Hakodate Kanemori Aka Renga Soko Main Store opens

January 2010
-  Daimaru Sapporo store opened for a limited time

April 2010
Hokadate Goryokaku Tower & New Chitose Airport stores open

November 2010
– Matsuzakaya Nagoya store opened for a limited time

January 2011
- Daimaru Tokyo & Matsuzakaya Nagoya stores opened for limited time.

December 2011
-  Sapporo Apia store opens

January 2012
- Matsuzakaya Nagoya store opened for limited time

March 2012
-  March Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens store opens

September 2013
- Store opens at Mitsukoshi Hiroshima “Hokkaido Fall Harvest Festival”

October 2012
- Store opens at Isetan Sagamihara “Hokkaido Fall Expo”

September 2013
- Feel Asahikawa store opens
Kuzuha Mall store opens

March 2014
Kuzuha Mall sotre opens

December 2014
– Aeon Mall Okayama store opens

April 2015
- Aeon Mall Lake Town mori & Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom store open

July 2015
– Aeon Mall Hiroshima Fuchu store & Aeon Mall Tonami store opens

October 2015
– Aeon Mall Shijonawate store opens

November 2015
– Gurney Placa store open (Malaysia)

Special thanks to Food Inker for organising and inviting me to this food review,
and glad to meet all the bloggers there. Hope to see you guys again ~!


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