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Le Bistro 33 @ USJ 10, TAIPAN

LE BISTRO 33, a French and Italian Restaurant open since 01 February 2016 in USJ 10,  Taipan. The Bistro served variety of delicious food which kindacatch up with my taste.

The Bistro serve 3 meals a day which includes bakery, delicatessen, cheese, and drinks. Their servings there really had my thumbs up! This restaurant are in my top 5 ranking of favourite restaurants.

It's a good place for friends and family gathering, or you can also visit there for a 2 person romantic meals. Their Daily Special will be written on the blackboard.

"When I stepped into the restaurant, I love the cozy and relaxing ambience here."


What do they sell?

Famous Rye Bread RM11.00
Farmer Bread RM10.00

La Herballe Skin & Wellness Care Specialist @ Le Apple Boutique Hotel, KLCC

It's my first visit to Skin Care Specialist & Wellness Care Specialist at Le Apple Boutique Hotel, KLCC. Their product is made from 100% natural ingredient, products with green tea and apple. They also guarantee that their treatment will show you the results!

"The PUREST ingredient brings the FAIREST result!"

If you are not sure which treatments is suitable to you, don't worry. The specialist there will introduce you the suitable treatment/ package for you. They do provide whitening/ firming/ anti-aging & spot/ pigmentation, and acne treatments.
Recently, I did not have enough sleep and that had caused me with 2 huge pimples on my face, 1 on my forehead, and 1 on my cheek. After some brief checking, the specialist there introduces me The Intensive Treatment to heal my pimples. I trusted their professional suggestion on the treatment.

The whole treatment is so soothing and relaxing, I enjoyed it so much. 1 thing special to mention are their treatment room, it look…