Product review: Hanangell : Korea's Latest Advanced Beauty Technology

Joanne is getting older each day, but she wishes to get prettier each day, so she be kind, and be helpful, hoping God would help her too. One day! God arranged Hanangell come into her life! She was so surprised, happy and thankful!

Hanangell is Korea's Latest Advanced Beauty Technology - a syringe of skin booster is equivalent to 10 sheets of facial masks, it is greatly hydrating, smoothing, moisturising whitening, and classifies to cosmetically grade skin care product. The small molecular compounds in the skin booster have quick penetration into the skin and, supplementation of collagen and moisture in the human body itself.

It has a silky texture, refreshing and easily absorb by skins. It is able to complete in one go, and allows your skin to be fair, moisture, elastic, smooth, tender, fineness, brightness, and firm!

"When I opened it, I was impressed by the packaging, I love how they use a syringe as their packaging. There are 2 covers for the syringe; left cover is to prevent dust/ bacterias into the collagen/moisturizer, right cover is avoiding you accidentally eject the liquid out of the syringe. If you are going for a road trip/ vacation, you can bring this along, small, light, It's easy to carry with this size."

Questions? All skin type? Suitable for pregnant women?

1. Skin booster is natural with no hormones, non-irritating, lead and mercury free.
2. It is appropriate for all skin types, it's also applicable to pregnant women, skin allergies, and acne skin as well.


1st Step:
Apply each morning and evening after cleansing your face, then apply appropriate amount on your palm.

2nd Step:
Apply it on your face and neck areas, and massage gently until it absorbs into your skins, and you are done!

"You may think I sounded sarcastic, and I can see the result after one night, my skin is really brighter, tender, and moisture."

Easy steps, right?
C'mon girl! Don't be lazy :)

Extra benefits:
This product is applied as a body lotion, you may apply it on your body after shower.

Retail price:
RM80 per pack 
- 2 the in a pack

Great news!!!
*Special discount 20% off for whoever is reading my blog.
*Valid until 1st March 2017.

Kindly make your order by message me via WeChat (rabbitjoanne) or
Email me at

Thank you for reading my blog :)


  1. Is this the one you told me that day?

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  3. I would try that product, everyone is speaking well of him, but I'm the Carribe and that is not so easy to get here.

  4. Love how this product keeps my skin moist. on days my skin feels dulls, this works great!

  5. It's look amazing and fantastic, now a days technology makes everything possible!

  6. Korean beauty technology is always up to par. Thanks for sharing such useful info and review. :)

  7. The packaging looks super cute. Always great to keep our skin moisturized especially when we are getting older

  8. I've not heard of this technology before. As it comes from Korea, I do believe they are effective!

  9. First time heard about it. Looks quite effective. Would not mind trying it.

  10. Nice and creative. First time
    Heard of it

  11. I love your post start part "Joanne is getting older each day, but she wishes to get prettier each day...."

    Very creative.. Hahahhaha..

    Thanks for sharing the product ya.

  12. lovely products, seems very effective. with this kind of product, we can age gracefully. ;)

  13. It really hydrating right ? Love the packaging but actually not easy for me to control the syringe

  14. It really hydrating right ? Love the packaging but actually not easy for me to control the syringe

  15. That looks really interesting. It's great to see newer technology when it comes to beauty.

  16. First time heard of this product. Thanks for sharing ya..

  17. first time hearing about hanangell, is that a serum? I love an innovation from Korean skin care


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