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Malacca 5D Art Studio (Melaka)

Do you ever hear of a 5D Art Studio? It's currently located at Lorong Bukit Cina, Melaka. It's just right next to Capitol Satay, Melaka.

photo taken from submerryn

What does 5D stand for?
5D art is a 5D tricky art featuring with paintings on plain surfaces, it magically appears to be a five-dimensional, when you view it through your camera/ through the use of optical illusion.
If you still can't imagine how it's looking like, let me share with you some of the photos I had taken at the 5D Art Studio:

Someevilsucking all my knowledge out of my brain!!!

Uncle (Pak cik) seems happy to provide me a free haircut :)

This mysterious guy, drift me away to far far away land

Showing off Can you ride a rhino like I do?

Look at my face, and wondering, do I have a super power?
I can't die, even I get a hand saw

My Oh My! My pants dropped!

I am going to be a legend, I caught a dinosaur

Product Review: Blanc 28 (Whitening Ampule)

New Year Present? Birthday Present?
Need a good skin before your wedding day?
Count on Blanc 28 :)

Blanc 28 A luxury selection of pampering yourself for 28 days.

What's the function?
1. Gradually decompose Melanin in the skin cells, inhibit to growth of melanoma.
2. Stimulate and accelerate cell division and speed up skin's metabolism.
3. Gradually fade off and completely eliminate Melasma, freckles and other skin pigmentations.
4. Inhibit enzyme tyrosine, blocking the process of transformation from Melanin into dark spots.
5. Inhibition of oxidative free radical formation, increase skin elasticity, slow down skin ageing process, restores a fairer and whiter skin.
6. After the skin is fully improved, Blanc 28 will trigger skin maintenance process to quickly get rid of skin wrinkles, sagging and sunken.

There are numbering on each bottle of ampules, what do they represent?
Odd numberIt's for whitening and keeping you to say bye bye to wrinkles.
Even numberIt's for moisturizing …

3Bskin Brand Ambassador Search 2016

On 10th December 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A national selection of 3Bskin Brand Ambassadors (3Bskin BA) has reached the final stage. 100 selected participants will be given samples for their feedback. After having gone through months of selection, The final selection is scheduled to kick off from 15th of Dec To 31st of Dec 2015. 3 out of 7 types of 3Bskin samples will be given out for testing. There are Detox Mask, Hydrating Mask & Scrub Mask. 

The result of this selection will be announced in early of Jan 2016 in conjunction with the official launch of X Brand Ambassadors Search Malaysia 2016 (XBAS Malaysia 2016). 20 selected 3Bskin BAs will be invited to the XBAS Malaysia Press Conference and 3Bskin Soft Launch PC (End of Jan or Feb 2016) 

The total price of more than RM 6000.00 worth of 3Bskin products, giving out for 3Bskin Ambassadors Search.
The photo taken from
What is the definition of 3B…

Tingling Thursdays 2015

The photo took from
Thursdays with Josh Lim: 17 Dec 2015!

Join us for a great night, meeting new people in the media, tech & entertainment industry! This isn't a noisy clubbing night, nor a stuffy business networking thing, it's a get together over drinks for my friends, and friends of friends to get to meet nice new people for for friendships, partnerships or anything. Entrance is free - but RM70 gets you coupons that entitle you to 1 food item and 5 house pouring drinks.
The photo took from
We had a great turnout the last Tingling Thursdays in November - some very special individuals,including one senior entrepreneur which wrote the business plan for a major national airline (hint: it's not currently losing money lol), model mentor Carl Graham, belly dancer Sheila Khan, salsa dancer Janet Chai (we should've made them do a dance off), as well the crew from KL Li…

Clothes Buffet Malaysia's Secret Affair

I was so excited to receive the invitation on having a 'Secret Affair' with Clothes Buffet Malaysia, and guess what? On 5th December 2015, I am here at Elementum, Parklane Kelana Jaya, Selangor.

This 'Secret Affair' is an exclusive party for bloggers and members of the media as a preview of Season 3 Clothes Buffet Malaysia, including us (blogger & media) as a first-hand experience shopping at the Mini Clothes Buffet.

Clothes Buffet Malaysia Introduction by Event Manager – Andrew

We also had a made over section including hair stylist and make-up session by Lab Vamor.

Photo shoot section of OOTD contest, which will be uploaded to Clothes Buffet Malaysia Facebook soon, once it's upload, I will share it here, please do support me :) 
What is Clothes Buffet?"Shopping without seeing the Price Tag".
It's really a very unique shopping immersion that is also Malaysia's largest Clothes Buffet, Season 3! Shoppers are presented with access to more than 30,000 p…