Soju Sunway Celebrates Second Anniversary with All-White Party

On 27 November 2015, Soju Sunway which located at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, celebrates 2nd AnniversaryThe music club was filled with invited guests and party-goers turned up in their best white party outfits on Friday night. The dress code was in accordance with the theme inspired by the worldwide White Sensation.

I am on my white outfit, and I am ready to join the party :)

I arrived at 10pm, just nice to watch the 1st performance by local band The Mars, followed by powerful sets by Indonesian songstress Satrina, formerly of Crush Crew Project. Accompanying her was the N-generation trio from Indonesia who delivered a sizzling hot dance number.

Resident DJs - DVDJ Dnesh, DJ Twister, and DJ Dev - spun catchy, and infectious dance mixes the night away, prompting party-goers to immediately hit the dance floor. The Eye Candies, a six-member girl group from the Philippines, also effortlessly mesmerised the audience with their tantalising vocals and coordinating dance moves. Another show-stopper was by the alluring aerial arts and pole dance talents of Viva Vertical Malaysia, who showcased their gravity-defying stunts with much poise and grace. Their impressive feats made it difficult for the audience to look away the entire time.

Meanwhile, Ovaload, the North American band which promises to never perform the same show twice, faithfully kept to its word. They rocked the stage, and the crowd went absolutely wild. The highlight of the night, special guest DJ Litchi from Russia, effortlessly turned up the heat as she churned out an eclectic mix of EDM, house and twerk mashup tracks, also known as the bright and scandalous queen of the dance floor.

I really love this Romanian performer Mario, decked out as the Super Soju Robot in his LED-lit costume, provided futuristic entertainment with his incredible guitar act, it's really amazed me. The audience was also immersed in stunning laser lighting displays that beautifully illuminated the club's expansive interior, it illuminated me as well.

I stayed up until 2am, and decided to go home due to tomorrow early morning I got things to do. It was really fun, thank you Emily Tang for inviting my friends, my boyfriend and I as guests :)

This event sponsors included Haig Club, Tiger Beer, Luc Belaire, Celebrity Fitness, Arirang Korean BBQ & Cafe, Viva Vertical Malaysia, and Amber Chia Academy. Soju Sunway, which first opened its doors on Nov 27, 2013, is part of the chain of entertainment clubs managed by Penang-based entertainment group Worldwide Platinum Records.

Last photo:
I took before I left the club with one of the singers/performers from Overload

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