Book Review: Run With Style

Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life.
How I discovered that I was a runner, an athlete, and could empower other women to find their athlete within.

This book is to inspire women, of all different abilities, to be empowered and uncover Accidental Athletes too, no matter at any age or stage in life. Besides, this book and Go WOW Team are here to help you discover your own Athlete Within. Stephanie Atwood encourages you to read on about this empowered athlete and how her life was changed forever because of learning and growing through challenge, activity, and specifically, running.

Go WOW Team continuing until today, is to offer a supportive community, professional coaching, and logistics that will help women find out how far (and how fast) they can go with their individual potential.

The Accidental Athlete, is the author share about her story of discovery, fact how Stephanie Atwood learned to understand her inner strength and overcome inner fears that allowed her to grow as a woman and a human being. As Stephanie Atwood wants to emphasize growth and discovery as something that each of us seeks and some of us are lucky enough to find...

Her life became so much clearer when she understood the level of adversity and risk that she could endure. Thus, running became a symbol of strength, solace, and potential; a metaphor for overcoming obstacles in life and being willing to take risks to uncover, untold treasures.

Where to buy?
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I hope after you read this book, it will make your self-discovery opportunity for you too, as I found my.

Thanks to Stephanie Atwood.

Stephanie Atwood, M.A., CHNRC
Wellness Authority
Award Winning Speaker
Best Selling Author
Nationally Certified Run Coach
Competitive Runner

Stephanie Atwood has a M.A. In Communications and is certified as a Coach, Trainer, and Nutritionist. You will benefit from her books and she has more to review if you like this type of book. 

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