Product Review: Bath Pops

By  Bath Pops  name itself, what do you think of?

Something related to bath?
Pops? Bubbles?

I believe 90% of people do not own a bathtub at home, but you may bring them during your relaxing vacation or sweet honeymoon at the resort or hotel. There is a secret way of using this Bath Pops, you may also put it in a bucket with water and shower.

Bath Pops is also suitable for kids, children love Bath Pops because bath time is their best time of the day.

Bath Pops puts the fun back into bathtime

All are made with pure essential oil

Lemon Grass & Dried Rosemary

Peppermint & Dried Lavender

10 pieces RM129.90
*Small size only sells in the bundle

1 piece RM21.90
10 pieces RM159.90

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